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Aus dem Schatten

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Aus dem Schatten
Aus dem Schatten


Vision and tradition unite to bring new life into the world. That's how in 2010 DVALIN were born in the Southern German town of Würzburg - an auspicious alliance of various influences, named after one of the legendary dwarves in Norse mythology but rather resembling a slumbering giant whose imminent awakening is going to make the metal scene shake in the most massive tremor it has felt in years! Seven passionate souls, expressing their love for traditionally played pagan metal with virtuosity, weaving it together with brutal melodic death ring while visionarily incorporating progressive elements, breaking new ground and expanding the genre's boundaries. Thus, the first rst opportunities for public display of their stunning skills weren't long incoming: It was already in the rst year of their existence that the seven-piece got the chance to support their fellow countrymen in VARG live before conquering the Bavarian "Wackel Festival" shortly afterwards that saw them share the stage with renowned bands such as the EXCREMENTORY GRINDFUCKERS, EISREGEN, FIDDLER'S GREEN and J.B.O. Calls for their debut album grew ever louder among the rapidly expanding ranks of their loyal fan base so that in 2014, DVALIN finally entered thestudio in order to channel their boundless energy into the recordings of their first ever record.


  1. Name
  2. Das Heer aus der Tiefe
  3. Redeemed by Oblivion
  4. Omen (Part I)
  5. Schöpfer des Nichts
  6. Ostara
  7. Zwergenvolk
  8. Schrecken des Waldes
  9. Skaldenfest
  10. Omen (Part II)
  11. Unter den Eichen
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