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Songs of Time Lost

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Songs of Time Lost
Songs of Time Lost


Piers Faccini and Vincent Segal met in Paris in the late 1980s and have been friends ever since. Songs of Time Lost is their first joint album. Using voice, guitar and cello - and in a variety of languages from English to Neapolitan dialect and Creole - the album brings together original compositions, traditional songs and some covers. In this album the duo are revisiting the very songs which originally brought them together. There is the Blues that Piers first heard from Mississipi John Hurt (Make Me a Pallet on your Floor), a composition by Alain Peters from the island of La Réunion (Mangé Pou le Coeur), a country valse by Townes van Zandt (Quicksilver Daydreams of Maria) and an instrumental theme by the Berlin composer Friedrich Hollander (Wenn Ich mir was Wünschen dürfte). There are also the melodies of the traditional Neapolitan repertoire which are favourites of Anglo-Italian Piers Faccini (Jesce Sole, Villanella, Dicitencela Vuje, Ciccerenella and the contemporary Cammina Cammina by Pino Daniele). Of course, both musicians draw from their own repertoires for the album, too. This includes two songs from 1996 written by Piers Faccini for the soundtrack of a film. The soundtrack was the musicians first official collaboration as a duo. Thanks to it we have the song A Half of Me and the piece The Closing of Our Eyes for which Piers Faccini wrote lyrics seventeen years later. There are also two recent compositions by Vincent Segal, Cradle to the Grave and Everyday Away from You to which Piers added lyrics. Songs of Time Lost is focused on the moment, but with over two decades of joint performances, friendship and mutual understanding behind it, binding the whole together.


  1. Name
  2. Jesce Sole
  3. The Closing of our Eyes
  4. Cammina Cammina
  5. Cradle to the Grave
  6. Quicksilver Daydreams of Maria
  7. Villanella di Cenerentola
  8. A Half of Me
  9. Mangé Pou le Coeur
  10. Cicerenella
  11. Wenn ich mir Was Wuenschen Duerfte
  12. Everyday Away from You
  13. Dicitencello Vuje
  14. Make Me a Pallet on your Floor
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