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Modo Avião

Long Play Vinyl
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Modo Avião
Modo Avião


For his new album, Lucas Santtana takes us in a sound fiction, at the heart of his beliefs. A trippy tale that calls to mind our hyperconnectivity and our overconsumption society. An invitation to dream, last line of defense against the strenuous tyranny of a capitalism 3.0 that gets into every portion of our lives. Lucas Santtana offers a rest, a pause, through about twenty sound vignettes, mixing themes and dialogues, exchanges of puns and musical poetry. A soundtrack that acts as a long take, covering entire scenes, but without images. Shut your eyes, open wide your ears, take a break and disconnect. Airplane mode. "Modo Avião isn't a concept-album but an experience. At least that's my intention. That's what I'm proposing to people who come and listen to it. It's a journey that enables you to disconnect from the world for a little while. We all know how hard this is today. Having this moment of pause without looking at cell phones, computers. It's as healing as it is meditative.'' Lucas Santtana


  1. Name
  2. Aeroporto
  3. Só O Som
  4. Avião
  5. Streets Bloom
  6. Rua
  7. Modo Avião
  8. Praia
  9. Celulares E Fósseis
  10. Um Enorme Rabo De Baleia
  11. Restaurante
  12. Vamos Andar Pela Cidade
  13. Brasa De Dois
  14. Busca
  15. O Nome De Maria
  16. Tempestade
  17. Ãrvore Axé
  18. Floresta
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