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I am Lynx

Long Play Vinyl
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I am Lynx
I am Lynx



Bold and fearless, Lynx steps away from the norm to deliver the unheard verses of drum & bass with his rule defying LP, 'I Am Lynx'.

After signing to Hospital Records in June 2014, we were given a brief taste of his diversity with the release of his 'Where Are You' EP late last year. Since then Lynx has continued to rattle cages with his unconventional sounds and all-encompassing repertoire. Stocked full of crazed quirks and indefinable styles 'I Am Lynx' raises the bar, deviating from any D+B predictability.

Best bet is to expect the unexpected, 'Circles' leads the way featuring the infectious, layered vocals of Master X. Followed closely by 'Ghost Train', emitting haunting string sections and bold vocal chop-ups to give a relentless, industrial-sounding insight into the mind of Lynx. 'Clap Track' tears down the walls with reverberated kicks and warped bass waves going hand-in-hand with the attitude exuding 'Drop That'. Soulful and indulgent 'Chord Time' and 'Only She Knows' break away from the rest, showcasing Lynx's diversified style.

A producer dedicated to uncompromised quality, 'I Am Lynx' shatters stereotypes, showcasing the eccentric and eclectic style Lynx has cultivated from his many years of experience. Hospital Records proudly presents an album that sets Lynx aside from the rest; an unrivalled competitor in the race of the music creators.


  1. Name
  2. Circles (Feat. Master X)
  3. Ghost Train (Feat. Marcus Intalex)
  4. Clap Track
  5. Drop That (Feat. Master X)
  6. Satisfaction
  7. Chord Time
  8. Only She Knows
  9. Lights Out (Feat. Sense MC)
  10. Into the Light
  11. Born Games
  12. Genesis (Feat. Malibu)
  13. The Gift (Feat. Zero One)
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