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To mark their 25th year as one of the most esteemed imprints in dance music, Hospital Records head into 2021 with a groundbreaking selection of 25 brand new remixes, reworks, covers and VIPs of NHS classics, combining pinnacle Hospital figures and friends of the label for an all-encompassing celebration of drum & bass.

'H25PITAL' embarks on a journey throughout the past, present and future of Hospital Records, featuring the likes of Dillinja, S.P.Y, Flava D, DJ Marky, Unglued, Makoto, Loxy & Ink, Mitekiss, Nookie and more. Their quarter-century birthday commemorations raise the bar once again as a variety of sounds and styles come together for a 174BPM compilation like no other.

DRS & Dynamite, two legends who have taken the scene by storm with their collaborative outfit, team up with Logistics for a new-wave remix of the 2009 heater 'Jungle Music'. Wordsmiths by nature, DRS & Dynamite lay down carefully crafted bars paying homage to their love for jungle and its roots over Logistics' revamped instrumental.

Stepping up for remix duties on Danny Byrd's iconic 'Salute (feat. MC GQ)' is none other than the king of the amen, Remarc offering his clear cut production skill. Breaks processed to perfection and an unruly bassline are fused flawlessly with elements of the original, including the nostalgia-inducing horns and illustrious vocals of drum & bass veteran GQ.

An instantly recognisable anthem to any drum & bass fan and an undeniable staple in the Hospital Records back catalogue, 'Beautiful Lies' by B-Complex gets the remix treatment from L-Side who's been making moves with the V Recordings crew. The future meets a classic as minimal bouncing drum work and ripping bass stabs instil bursts of brand new energy into the track.

Expect a collision of sonic realms in Halogenix's remix of Kings Of The Rollers' infamous 'Shella (feat. Chimpo)'. Flying the flag for the Critical Music family, Halogenix's 2021 rendition which has been generating excitement from corner to corner in the world of drum & bass for some time now unleashes an absolute growler of a bassline as Manchester's very own Chimpo dominates the topline.

The highly sought after VIP of Metrik's 'Cadence (feat. Reija Lee)' is finally seeing the light of day. Dreamlike synthesis and ravishing vocals build a picturesque soundscape which soon evolves into Metrik's signature high-octane flow as he delivers cutting-edge dancefloor vibes.

Calling upon pioneers of the scene, from Dillinja's remix of Urbandawn's 'Come Together (feat. Tyson Kelly)' to Ray Keith's weighty interpretation of 'Drum & Bossa' by Landslide, as well as trailblazing newcomers including the likes of Winslow and Stay-C, the cross-generational sounds of drum & bass are united in one place on 'H25PITAL'. Brace yourself for a full spectrum adventure and then some, as Hospital Records embrace their impressive 25-year milestone in style.


  1. Name
  2. "Spread Love (feat. Pete Simpson)"
  3. "Jungle Music (DRS & Dynamite x Logistics Remix)"
  4. "Don't Follow (feat. Diane Charlemagne) (Unglued Remix)"
  5. "Memory Lane (Flava D Remix)"
  6. "Salute (feat. MC GQ) (Remarc Remix)
  7. "Hindsight (DJ Marky Remix)"
  8. "Shella (feat. Chimpo) (Halogenix Remix)"
  9. "Piano Anthem (S.P.Y Remix)"
  10. "Beautiful Lies (L-Side Remix)"
  11. "Come Together (feat. Tyson Kelly) (Dillinja Remix)"
  12. "Cadence (feat. Reija Lee) VIP"
  13. "Save Me From Myself (Harriet Jaxxon Remix)"
  14. "Build A Better World (Thomas Oliver Remix)"
  15. "Heart Of Love (Loxy & Ink Remix)"
  16. "Away (feat. Vonné) (Kyrist Remix)"
  17. "4 Days (Grafix Remix)"
  18. "Tides (feat. Lea Lea) (Winslow Remix)"
  19. "The Time Is Here At Last (feat. Hybrid Minds) (Mitekiss Remix)"
  20. "New Technique (Stay-C Remix)"
  21. "Beautiful (feat. Jenna G) (A.Fruit Remix)"
  22. "Tearing Me Apart (feat. Kyan) (Bop x Subwave Remix)"
  23. "Blank Pages (Nookie Frequency Alignment Remix)"
  24. "I Wonder (feat. Ellie Madison) (Whiney Remix)"
  25. "Drum & Bossa (Ray Keith Remix)"
  26. "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy (Euphonique Remix)"
  27. "PIano Anthem (S.P.Y Remix) (Mixed)"
  28. "Salute (feat. MC GQ) (Remarc Remix) (Mixed)"
  29. "Jungle Music (DRS & Dynamite x Logistics Remix) (Mixed)"
  30. "Beautiful Lies (L-Side Remix) (Mixed)"
  31. "Shella (feat. Chimpo) (Halogenix Remix) (Mixed)"
  32. "New Technique (Stay-C Remix) (Mixed)"
  33. "Don't Follow (feat. Diane Charlemagne) (Unglued Remix) (Mixed)"
  34. "Spread Love (feat. Pete Simpson) (Mixed)"
  35. "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy (Euphonique Remix) (Mixed)"
  36. "Blank Pages (Nookie Frequency Alignment Remix) (Mixed)"
  37. "4 Days (Grafix Remix) (Mixed)"
  38. "Heart Of Love (Loxy & Ink Remix) (Mixed)"
  39. "Beautiful (feat. Jenna G) (A.Fruit Remix) (Mixed)"
  40. "Drum & Bossa (Ray Keith Remix) (Mixed)"
  41. "Build A Better World (Thomas Oliver Remix) (Mixed)"
  42. "I Wonder (feat. Ellie Madison) (Whiney Remix) (Mixed)"
  43. "Hindsight (DJ Marky Remix) (Mixed)"
  44. "Come Together (feat. Tyson Kelly) (Dillinja Remix) (Mixed)"
  45. "Save Me From Myself (Harriet Jaxxon Remix) (Mixed)"
  46. "Away (feat. Vonné) (Kyrist Remix) (Mixed)"
  47. "Tides (feat. Lea Lea) (Winslow Remix) (Mixed)"
  48. "Tearing Me Apart (feat. Kyan) (Bop x Subwave Remix) (Mixed)"
  49. "Memory Lane (Flava D Remix) (Mixed)"
  50. "Cadence (feat. Reija Lee) VIP (Mixed)"
  51. "The Time Is Here At Last (feat. Hybrid Minds) (Mitekiss Remix) (Mixed)"
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