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Cracovians And Highlanders ~ Opera In 2 Acts

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Cracovians And Highlanders ~ Opera In 2 Acts
Cracovians And Highlanders ~ Opera In 2 Acts


"The Supposed Miracle, or Cracovians and Highlanders" with libretto of W. Boguslawski and music composed by J. Stefani embodies the Polish tradition, the riches and beauty of the musical culture of a nation which made that culture a crucial element in its survival. Besides its artistic qualities, it is also a priceless phonographic document of one of the most important works in the Polish musical literature. An Opera in Two Acts, Václav Luks, with his two internationally renowned ensembles Collegium 1704 and Collegium Vocale 1704 and young Polish and Czech singers, approached the original scorenewly edited and published by PWN Edition on the basis of source materials. This is first studio recording on period instruments.


  1. Name
  2. Overture
  3. Duetto: Whats up?
  4. Oh noI cant
  5. Ah Basia!
  6. Ariette: My dear
  7. Thats what
  8. And Ill put
  9. Aria Polacca: Its a rarity
  10. Missus Bart?omiej
  11. Krakowiak: Hey, da, da
  12. Greetings my children
  13. The whole gathered company
  14. Ah Zosia
  15. Marsch
  16. Thats enough lads
  17. Qavatina: The world is harsh
  18. Amen to that
  19. Ah Basia
  20. Duetto: Among the oaks
  21. Matters are all
  22. Dwellers of Tatra
  23. We welcome our guests
  24. Aria: All young girls
  25. Cant stand this
  26. Highland mazurka: Ka?ka shouldnt
  27. 2Please, now
  28. Well father dear
  29. Mazurka: Once a lass
  30. Your aunt
  31. Even if I lose
  32. Finale: Our revenge
  33. Go to hell!
  34. Hey, go
  35. Overture
  36. Trio: It was such
  37. Indeed its true
  38. Theyve gone
  39. Run!
  40. Miracle?
  41. Qavatina: Live in harmony
  42. Live in harmony
  43. Stach, stay
  44. Aria: It has been clearly shown
  45. The standard of true virtue
  46. Is Stach here
  47. Aria: Like a lamb
  48. Dont worry
  49. All are accounted for
  50. Aria: Those who are rich
  51. Whats taking
  52. Aria: Dont know what
  53. Stach promised
  54. Hi Jonek
  55. Duetto: First the wire
  56. Who knows
  57. What is it what?
  58. Stach dont run
  59. Whats this I see?
  60. Sir, youre a great
  61. Vaudeville: If young lass
  62. The parsonage is skint
  63. Love and peace
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