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O Céu É Velho Há Muito Tempo

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Brazilian musician and singer Lucas Santtana releases his seventh album, 'O céu é velho há muito tempo', on French label Nø Førmat!(also home to the likes of Oumou Sangaré & Mélissa Laveaux),. It is the follow up to 2017's 'Modo Avião', an album (whose title translates as 'airplane mode') which probed ideas about the human experience & identity in an age of capitalism, consumerism & 24-7 digital connectivity.

The world is living through dark times - the far right and its reactionary ideas are gaining ground every-where, and Brazil hasn't been spared either. A militia government has come to power in the country by dubious means, then proceeding to obstruct human rights by way of violence and censorship. And so, having made a name for himself with a string of richly inventive, polycultural albums suffusing nods to Brazilian cornerstones like Tropicalia & Bossa Nova with elements of everything from electronica to hip hop, for 'O Céu É Velho Há Muito Tempo', Santtana here pares back his palette to little more than the sound of his own voice and a guitar, for an album which unflinchingly zeroes in on this parlous machinery dictating the political, social & cultural balance of his own country. "We're living in a time in which everybody is talking loud' he observes; "I thought the time had come to whisper into people's ears".

Whilst 'O céu é velho há muito tempo' might operate with the gentlest of touches musically, the urgency of Santtana's cautionary counsel is unmistakeable throughout. It's hard not to come away from 'O Céu é velho há muito tempo' sharing in Santtana's belief that acts of resistance will ultimately win out, to hold this Brazilian sky in place.


  1. Name
  2. Portal De Ativação
  3. Ninguém Solta A Mão De Ninguém
  4. Brasil Patriota
  5. Um Professor Está Falando Com Você
  6. Meu Primeiro Amor Ft. DUDA BEAT
  7. O Melhor Há De Chegar
  8. Todo Se Transforma
  9. Não Vamos Nos Desgrudar Nunca Mais
  10. O Bem Maior
  11. Seu Pai
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