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Hostis Humani Generis

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Hostis Humani Generis
Hostis Humani Generis


Line-Up: Anders "Nobility" Nyberg - cembalo, pump organ and miniature piano | Anton "Quinton Taljenblock" Teljeback - viola pomposa, fiddle, mandoline, cable cutting crashes | Bjorn "Bellows" Malmros - squeeze box, hurdy gurdy and voices of madness | Eva "the Navigator" Maaherra Lovheim - violin, nyckelharpa and vocals | Frida "Freebird af Warmaland" Granstrom - violin, viola and vocals | Hampus "Monkey Boy" Holm - the big drum and other floggables | Hampus "Bojtikken" Larsson - percussions and vocals | Louise "Happy Lou" Gillman - feisty fiddle | Ina "Battery" Molin - cajon, marimba, pompous percussions and all things beatable | Jens "Wan Chou Zhong" Tzan Choong - obnoxious stringdrum, wee guitar, huge oriental fruit thing with strings and Chinese harpy harpy - aka Banjo/Guitalele/Sitar/Guzheng | Jim "Silent Jim" Sundstrom - mandolino, guitarra, irish tenor banjo, false chord-posing, wishful singing | Jonas "Hogeye McGinn" Nilsson - rusty old 5-string | Magda "Magda Malvina Marlprim" Andersson - blood stained lute guitar and cherry vocals | Martin "Scurvy Ben" Gavelin - cajon, percussions and vocals | Nick "Meat Stick Nick" Bohman-Ernhill - ukulele bass, double bass and bass trombone | Peter "Quartermaster Blackpowder Pyte" Mollwing - crude singing, sentimental lyrics, desecration of primary sources and debatable Brittish accent | Richard "Old Red" Larsson - them thick and them thin strings | Sara "Landmark" Lundmark - percussion and marching drum | Stina "Filthylocks" Hake -violoncell and fipple pipes | William "Shameless Will" Hallin - vocals, vanity, profanity, coin snatching and coat turning. The salty sea air, an inn full of drunken singing punters, lots of scallywagging and yarrrrrrrrs - Ye Banished Privateers breathe new life into the ups and downs of being a pirate! The Swedish sea dogs turn back time to the 18th century and boast a wealth of shanties, drinking anthems and folk tunes on their fourth album Hostis Humani Generis. "Pirates of the Caribbean", cutthroat humour and a barrel of singalong party tunes add up to a hefty adventure.


  1. Name
  2. No Prey, No Pay
  3. Hush Now My Child
  4. Blame The Brits
  5. Capstan Shanty
  6. Elephants' Dance
  7. Swords To Plowshares
  8. Flintlock
  9. Parting Song
  10. Rowing With One Hand
  11. A-Swinging We Must Go
  12. They Are Marching Down On High Street
  13. Death Of Bellows
  14. Why The Big Whales Sing
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