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Swan Songs III

Long Play Vinyl
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Gate Fold Vinyl
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Swan Songs III
Swan Songs III


"A One Ton Heart"With a "One Ton Heart", LORD OF THE LOST presents a beautiful, yet powerful ballad straight off the upcoming album Swan Songs III. Dive away with heavenly piano parts, underlined by delicate acoustic guitar riffs and soft drum rhythms that take the listener onto a musical journey.Passt? "A Splintered Mind"The first notes of "A Splintered Mind" will trigger something deep inside the listener, with its outstanding melody. Deeply emotional storytelling melding with beautiful harmonies, heartfelt lyrics and Chris' Harms raspy voice set this song apart!"Dying on the Moon""Dying on the Moon" features standout US-American singer/songwriter Joy Frost and is an ode to trusting one's soul's decision and believing in yourself. Chris' deep vocals are in perfect harmony with Joy's ethereal voice, while a mix of guitar and piano parts make this single send shivers down your spine.


  1. Name
  2. A Splintered Mind
  3. Zunya
  4. A One Ton Heart
  5. Unfeel
  6. Dying On The Moon
  7. Deathless
  8. Agape
  9. Hurt Again
  10. 4'33''
  11. Amber
  12. Dying On The Moon
  13. We Were Young
  14. We Were Young
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