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Mole Box: The Complete Mole Trilogy

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Mole Box: The Complete Mole Trilogy
Mole Box: The Complete Mole Trilogy


The Complete Mole Trilogy (Expanded) - three studio albums, a live album, plus previously unreleased studio material and a complete unreleased live recording plus 20 unreleased tracks! Almost three hours of previously unreleased Residents music!. The entire unreleased and legendary Uncle Sam Mole Show. Previously unreleased 25 minute instrumental mix of Mmark Of The Mole'. Previously unheard live-in-the-studio recordings, including the classic 1976 single 'Satisfaction'. Live-in-the-studio performances, demos, unissued tracks, rehearsal room recordings, live material and more - deep insight into the seminal trilogy! Between 1981 and 1985 The Residents embarked on what would become the infamous, ultimately incomplete 'Mole Trilogy'. Intended to tell the story of two colliding cultures - the Moles and the Chubs - via the mediums of narrative storytelling and recreations of the music of those societies, the project took the band into unchartered musical territory, into the concert halls of the USA and Europe for the first time and, legend has it, to the brink of collapse.Produced with The Cryptic Corporation using archival tapes supplied by The Residents themselves, this set presents, for the first time, all known recordings related to the 'Mole' saga - namely the albums "Mark Of The Mole", "The Tunes Of Two Cities" and "The Big Bubble", as well as live recordings, unreleased material, rehearsal room recordings, alternate mixes, demos and a selection of recordings which may or may not comprise part of the legendary, unreleased Part Three of the trilogy. A significant leap, both sonically and conceptually, from their 1970s work, the "Mole Trilogy" proves to be the link between the freewheeling, avant-garde leanings of The Residents' early material and the concept-driven, electronically produced music they would explore in the latter half of the 1980s and beyond. Packed with almost three hours (by our count) of previously unreleased music, this set is a must-hear for fans of San Francisco's most infamo


  1. Name
  2. Voices Of The Air
  3. The Ultimate Disaster
  4. Migration
  5. Another Land
  6. The New Machine
  7. Final Confrontation
  8. Voices Of The Air (Live In The Studio)
  9. The Ultimate Disaster (Live In The Studio)
  10. Migration (Live In The Studio)
  11. Another Land (Live In The Studio)
  12. The New Machine (Live In The Studio)
  13. Final Confrontation (Live In The Studio)
  14. Serenade For Missy
  15. A Maze Of Jigsaws
  16. Mousetrap
  17. God Of Darkness
  18. Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth)
  19. Praise For The Curse
  20. The Secret Seed
  21. Smokebeams
  22. Mourning The Undead
  23. Song Of The Wild
  24. The Evil Disposer
  25. Happy Home
  26. Open Up
  27. Anvil Forest
  28. Scent Of Mint
  29. Smack Your Lips (1982 Rehearsal)
  30. Song Of The Wild (1982 Rehearsal)
  31. Happy Home (1982 Rehearsal)
  32. God Of Darkness (Live In The Studio)
  33. Smack Your Lips (Live In The Studio)
  34. The Secret Seed (Live In The Studio)
  35. Happy Home (Live In The Studio)
  36. Sorry
  37. Hop A Little
  38. Go Where Ya Wanna Go
  39. Gotta Gotta Get
  40. Cry For The Fire
  41. Die-Stay-Go
  42. Vinegar
  43. Firefly
  44. The Big Bubble
  45. Fear For The Future
  46. Kula Bocca Says So
  47. Jingle Bell
  48. Untitled
  49. Kula Bocca (2-Track Demo)
  50. Die-Stay-Go (2-Track Demo)
  51. Cry For The Fire Sketch
  52. The Big Bubble (Live, 1986)
  53. Hop A Little (Live, 1986)
  54. Cry For The Fire (Live On Norge Tv Nrk)
  55. Die-Stay-Go (Live In San Francisco, 2011)
  56. Voices Of The Air
  57. The Secret Seed
  58. "Welcome…"
  59. The Ultimate Disaster
  60. "Rather Flashy…"
  61. God Of Darkness
  62. "Mole Style…"
  63. Migration
  64. Another Land
  65. "Thatâ€s All We Need…"
  66. The New Machine
  67. "A Real Complicated Ending…"
  68. The Song Of The Wild
  69. Final Confrontation
  70. â€we Had To Borrow Money From Our Parents…â€
  71. Satisfaction
  72. Happy Home
  73. Voices Of The Air
  74. The Secret Seed
  75. "Good Evening…"
  76. The Ultimate Disaster
  77. "Those Were Four Songs…"
  78. God Of Darkness
  79. "More Religion…"
  80. Migration
  81. Shortyâ€s Lament (Intermission)
  82. Smack Your Lips
  83. "We're In Chub Land…"
  84. Another Land
  85. "Things Are Going Fairly Well…"
  86. The New Machine
  87. "A Giorgio Moroder Scene…"
  88. The Song Of The Wild
  89. The Final Confrontation
  90. The Singing Resident Needs Something
  91. Satisfaction
  92. Happy Homea
  93. The Star Spangled Banner
  94. Motm Mix One Concentrate
  95. Lights Out (Prelude)
  96. Shorty's Lament
  97. The Moles Are Coming
  98. Would We Be Alive?
  99. The New Hymn
  100. Another Another Land
  101. Now It Is Too Late
  102. Going Nowhere
  103. From Mom1
  104. Satisfaction (Live In The Studio)
  105. Marching To The We
  106. Would We Be Alive (Live 2005)
  107. Marching To The Sea/Intermission (Live 2013)
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