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Delirium Tremens

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Delirium Tremens
Delirium Tremens


Narcotic Wasteland started as a side project Dallas Toler-Wade had been working on when he wasn't touring or in writing/studio mode with his band Nile.

"The more songs I completed for Narcotic Wasteland, the more I wanted to put a full band lineup together," said Dallas, eventually recruiting longtime friend Edwin Rhone (lead guitar/vox), Chris ("Lutachrist") Dupre for bass/vox and Erik Schultek on drums.

"The band's overall concept is very reflective of the city where Dallas, Edwin, and Chris grew up. Fayetteville, North Carolina, a military town, has a PTSD rate of up to 75% in males, and is the highest rated city in the US for Shaken Baby Syndrome. The availability of street drugs is astounding, and the ever-growing epidemic of addiction to pharmaceutical drugs is an extremely toxic and unstable environment to grow up and live in." says Dallas.

"Other than joining the military, there was nothing to do but work low paying jobs, do drugs, and get in trouble, but music saved us from the otherwise depressing round of existence. For Edwin, Chris, and I, there was not much of a positive outlet there other than music and although hard drugs and death are sort of a main topic, it's not the only topic. We as a band, do not want too many limitations on what we write about."

"Musically, the band is retaining it's established sound while expanding into more dark, sinister, and very sad sounding passages, capturing the mental imagery of the lyrics. We like writing music that challenges us as players, but also actually means something. We want to connect to the listener as emotionally as possible, to have a release for their anger and sadness. That to us is the most important mission as songwriters for this band."


  1. Name
  2. Introspective Nightmares
  3. Faces of Meth
  4. Return to the Underground
  5. We Agnostics
  6. In Memoriam (intro)
  7. Bleed and Swell
  8. Delirium Tremens
  9. Self Immolation
  10. Life Revolted
  11. You Will Die Alone
  12. Husk
  13. Pharma Culture
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