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Gideon: Retrospective

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Gideon: Retrospective
Gideon: Retrospective


Gideon: Retrospective by Gideon: Retrospective


  1. Name
  2. Steeds Of Darkness: Moderato
  3. Steeds Of Darkness: Rather Fast
  4. Suite Clarinet And Piano: I. Allegro
  5. Suite Clarinet And Piano: II. Moderato
  6. Suite Clarinet And Piano: III. Allegretto
  7. The Shooting Starrs Attend Thee
  8. The Shooting Starrs Attend Thee: Give Me More Love, Or More Disdaine
  9. The Shooting Starrs Attend Thee: Inertlude
  10. The Shooting Starrs Attend Thee: Know, Celia, Since thou Art So Proud
  11. The Shooting Starrs Attend Thee: Around My Neck An Amulet
  12. Eclogue for Flute And Piano: I. Lively And Singing
  13. Eclogue for Flute And Piano: II. Andantino
  14. Bohmischer
  15. Creature To Creature: I. The Fly
  16. Creature To Creature: II. The Spider
  17. Creature To Creature: III. Snake
  18. Creature To Creature: IV. Firefly
  19. Creature To Creature: V. Hoot-Owl
  20. Creature To Creature: VI. Interlude
  21. Creature To Creature: VII. L'Envoi
  22. Leise Zieht Durch Mein Gemut
  23. Lockung
  24. Vergiftet Sind Meine Lieder
  25. She Weeps Over Rahoon
  26. The Too-Late Born
  27. Four Epitaphs: 1. Epitaph For A Wag Of Mauchline
  28. Four Epitaphs: 2. Epitaph On Wee Johnie
  29. Four Epitaphs: 3. Epitaph On the Author
  30. Four Epitaphs: 4. Monody On A Lady Famed For Her Caprice
  31. Mixco
  32. To Music
  33. Poet to Poet: An Ode For Ben Jonson
  34. Poet to Poet: To Thomas Moore
  35. Poet to Poet: Ave Atque Vale ( In Memory Of Charles Baudelaire)
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