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Victor Herbert: Collected Songs

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Victor Herbert: Collected Songs
Victor Herbert: Collected Songs


Victor Herbert: Collected Songs by Breckenridge/Dvorsky/Ford/Lazar/Luker etc. /Hicks


  1. Name
  2. Die Stille Rose
  3. Liebesleben
  4. Nur Du Bist's
  5. Wirthstöchterlein
  6. Vogelfang
  7. Geständniss
  8. Geweihte Stätte
  9. Frühlingslied
  10. Ich Liebe Dich
  11. Ständchen
  12. Das Geheimniss
  13. Fliege Fort
  14. Schnelle Blüthe
  15. Du Ahnst Es Nicht
  16. Mein Herz Ist Treu
  17. Im Mondenlicht
  18. Liebeslied
  19. Heimweh
  20. Frieden
  21. Under an Oak
  22. Ah, Cupid, Meddlesome Boy
  23. The Hamlet of Fancy
  24. Love Ne'er Came Nigh
  25. Love Is Spring
  26. The Time Will Come
  27. Me and Nancy
  28. Jenny's Baby
  29. Belle O'Brien
  30. To Be Near Thee
  31. The Song of the Bagpipes
  32. Sweet Nancy
  33. The Secret
  34. Columbia, an Anthem
  35. The Fight Is Made and Won
  36. She Was a Country Girl
  37. Don't Be a Villain
  38. In the Folds of the Starry Flag
  39. Kiss Me Again
  40. An Easter Dawn
  41. Mary's Lamb
  42. Friars
  43. The Minstrel Boy
  44. Remember the Glories of Brien the Brave
  45. Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill
  46. Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
  47. Tho' the Last Glimpse of Erin
  48. The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls
  49. If Love Were What the Rose Is
  50. Love Laid His Sleepless Head
  51. Love's Oracle
  52. Old Ireland Shall Be Free
  53. The Twirly Little Girlies at the End of the Line
  54. Love's Hour
  55. Remembrance
  56. To the Irish Harp
  57. Out of His Heart He Builds a Home
  58. The Century Girl
  59. You Belong to Me
  60. Humpty Dumpty
  61. The Romping Redheads
  62. When Uncle Sam Is Ruler of the Sea
  63. Can't You Hear Your Country Calling
  64. Farewell
  65. Lovelight
  66. When the Sixty-ninth Comes Back
  67. Molly
  68. The Dodge Brothers March
  69. When the Right One Comes Along
  70. The Love Boat
  71. In Khorassan
  72. The Legend of the Golden Tree
  73. The Princess of My Dreams
  74. The Equity Star
  75. Alma Mater Song for the Catholic University of America
  76. Weaving My Dreams
  77. Mary Came Over to Me
  78. That Old-fashioned Garden of Mine
  79. Lady of the Lantern
  80. I'd Love to Waltz Through Life With You
  81. When Knighthood Was in Flower
  82. God Spare the Emerald Isle
  83. Little Old New York
  84. Heart O' Mine
  85. Give Your Heart in June-time
  86. The Crucible's Toast
  87. It's Just the Harmless Guile of Her
  88. O My Love's Like a Red Red Rose
  89. Wild Oats
  90. Just a Dream of a Bygone Day
  91. Give Me That Rose
  92. A Nautical Song in High C
  93. Ha! Ha!
  94. She's a Doggone Lovable Girl
  95. Nina
  96. The Kid Is Clever
  97. Tell Me, Daisy
  98. I'm Looking for a Little Cinderella
  99. Cuban
  100. I'm Going in the Movies
  101. I Love the Isle of the Sea
  102. Someone I Love
  103. Indian Summer
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