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Folk Music Of China, Vol. 19 - Folk Songs of the Lahu, Jingpo, Jino and Achang People

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Folk Music Of China, Vol. 19 - Folk Songs Of The Lahu, Jingp
Folk Music Of China, Vol. 19 - Folk Songs Of The Lahu, Jingp


This is volume nineteen of a twenty album series, exploring China's rich and diverse musical heritage. It includes ballads and love songs of the Lahu, featuring the gourd mouth organ and Jew's harp; the most famous working song of the Jingpo people, the husking rice tune Yue Lu; mountain and hunting songs of the Jino peoples, played on bamboo ideophones; and excerpts from the Achang opera of spring lantern.


  1. Name
  2. Happy Lahus
  3. An Interactive Song
  4. Excerpt from Du Pa Mi Pa
  5. White Peonies are as White as Snow
  6. Meeting at Laodabao Village
  7. Peasants Excerpt
  8. Song of the New Rice Festival
  9. Tea Water has been Boiled Inky-Dark
  10. Song of Hunting
  11. Da Diao
  12. Duet Love Songs of Lahus
  13. Sofia's Woes Excerpt
  14. Gong Duan
  15. See Our Countrymen
  16. Millet Souls
  17. Three Visits to the Girl's Door
  18. Beng Yang
  19. Song of Divinity
  20. Yue Lu
  21. Zai Wa
  22. Le Ga
  23. Le Duo Dan
  24. A Love Song
  25. Beautiful Life
  26. Praising My Lover Boy
  27. A Duet
  28. A Love Song 1
  29. A Love Song 2
  30. Inseparable
  31. A Work Song
  32. A Proposal Song
  33. Mother, Why Don't You Come Back?
  34. An Old Song of Kelian
  35. Epic
  36. Song of Shu Wei 1
  37. Song of Shu Wei 2
  38. Song of Shu Wei 3
  39. Song of Ma Lang - A Happy Folk Song
  40. Song of Ma Lang - Carrying Salt
  41. Song of Spring
  42. Song of Spring Ox
  43. Song of Tea Harvest
  44. Song of the Woluo Festival 1
  45. Song of the Woluo Festival 2
  46. Song of the Woluo Festival 3

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