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Schoenberg: Complete Piano Works

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Schoenberg: Complete Piano Works
Schoenberg: Complete Piano Works


Italian pianist Pina Napolitano performs Schoenberg's complete piano works, in a rendition that, fully realising the scores in all their complexity, animates the music and makes it dance, and "conveys its real quality as music - rather than as an object of academic study" (International Piano Magazine).

"A romanticism so exasperated that the usual musical indications of expressivity cannot convey it; each note is signed, tormentingly and assiduously, with indications that do nothing but speak to the insufficiency of language and of writing - of every language and every writing, even of the most absolute, the musical language - to express the idea and the thought, the sensation and the still indistinct feeling. Such a concentrated and dolorous romanticism, so essential, that it takes your breath away, a romanticism of the mind and of the heart, in which to feel and to think are not distinct." - Pina Napolitano

Personnel: Pina Napolitano (piano)


  1. Name
  2. Drei Klavierstücke op. 11 (1909), I. Mäßige Viertel
  3. II. Mäßige Achtel
  4. III. Bewegte Achtel
  5. Sechs kleine Klavierstücke op. 19 (1911), I. Leicht, zart
  6. II. Langsam
  7. III. Sehr langsame Viertel
  8. IV. Rasch, aber leicht
  9. V. Etwas rasch
  10. VI. Sehr langsam
  11. Fünf Klavierstücke op. 23 (1923), I. Sehr langsam
  12. II. Sehr rasch
  13. III. Langsam
  14. IV. Schwungvoll
  15. V. Walzer
  16. Suite für Klavier op. 25 (1923), I. Präludium: Rasch
  17. II. Gavotte: Etwas langsam, nicht hastig (attacca:)
  18. Musette: Rascher - Gavotte (da capo)
  19. IV. Intermezzo
  20. V. Menuett: Moderato - Trio
  21. VI. Gigue, Rasch
  22. Klavierstück op. 33a (1931), Mäßig
  23. Klavierstück op. 33b (1931), Mäßig langsam
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