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Franz Liszt: Années De Pèlerinage

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Franz Liszt: Années De Pèlerinage
Franz Liszt: Années De Pèlerinage


Italian pianist Michele Campanella has become renowned as a Liszt specialist, but with customary modesty and respect for the composer's music he has chosen to wait until now to record the seminal 'Années de pèlerinage'. The desire to get to grips with these pieces dates back 50 years to when Campanella was first starting to play Liszt's music, but he waited, recognising that maturity and experience would bring him closer to Liszt's own state of mind as he composed these pieces. Liszt's dazzling virtuosity is often emphasised, but in this recording Campanella has accentuated the composer's more introspective tendencies, making this a unique and truly insightful interpretation.

The three sets of Liszt's 'Années de pèlerinage' take the listener on a journey not only through the geographical regions that inspired the composer, Switzerland and Italy, but on a voyage through his own personal development, becoming increasingly inward-looking and spiritual with each cycle. The first set, 'Suisse', already displays much of that psychological scope, with works of quintessential Romanticism: poetic, evocative and wide-ranging in their emotional landscape. The second set, 'Italie', is even more organic and compact in its conception, and in the final set we hear an older composer reflecting on life and death in music characterised by impressionistic colours and profound spiritual depth. This album is a rare opportunity to hear a musician immersed in Liszt's world perform this music in a way that puts the music first; Campanella does not use Liszt's pieces as a vehicle to showcase his own skill, but records them with a sincere wish to communicate the intricacies of the repertoire. With this in mind, Campanella has recorded Liszt's works on a Steinway model D from 1892 that has survived to this day with all its original components intact, resulting in a warm and authentic sound.

"The gem of this three-disc set is the second Annee. Campanella's straightforward approach to 'Sposalozio', Liszt's evocation of Rafael, strikes just the right balance between devotion and poetry. 'Il penseroso' speaks with simple directness with strong harmonic direction shaping its dark atmosphere." - Gramophone


  1. Name
  2. Première Année: Suisse, S.160. I. Chapelle De Guillaume Tell
  3. Première Année: Suisse, S.160. II. Au Lac De Wallenstadt
  4. Première Année: Suisse, S.160. III. Pastorale
  5. Première Année: Suisse, S.160. IV. Au Bord D'une Source
  6. Première Année: Suisse, S.160. V. Orage
  7. Première Année: Suisse, S.160. VI. Vallée D'Obermann
  8. Première Année: Suisse, S.160. VII. Eglogue
  9. Première Année: Suisse, S.160. VIII. Le Mal Du Pays (heimweh)
  10. Première Année: Suisse, S.160. IX. Les Cloches De Genève (Nocturne)
  11. Deuxième Année: Italie, S.161. I. Sposalizio
  12. Deuxième Année: Italie, S.161. II. Il Pensieroso
  13. Deuxième Année: Italie, S.161. III. Canzonetta Del Salvador Rosa
  14. Deuxième Année: Italie, S.161. IV. Sonetto 47 Del Petrarca
  15. Deuxième Année: Italie, S.161. V. Sonetto 104 Del Petrarca
  16. Deuxième Année: Italie, S.161. VI. Sonetto 123 Del Petrarca
  17. Deuxième Année: Italie, S.161. VII. Après Une Lecture De Dante. Fantasia Quasi Sonata
  18. Troisième Année, S.163. I. Angelus! Prière Aux Anges Gardiens
  19. Troisième Année, S.163. II. Aux Cyprès De La Villa D'Este I: Thrénodie
  20. Troisième Année, S.163. III. Aux Cyprès De La Villa D'Este II: Thrénodie
  21. Troisième Année, S.163. IV. Les Jeux D'eaux à La Villa D'Este
  22. Troisième Année, S.163. V. Sunt Lacrymae Rerum, En Mode Hongrois
  23. Troisième Année, S.163. VI. Marche Funèbre, En Mémoire De Maximilian I, Empereur Du Mexique
  24. Troisième Année, S.163. VII. Sursum Corda
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