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Game Day

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Game Day
Game Day


First solo album in 21 years from the veteran musician and songwriter. Holsapple co-founded The dB's & worked with R.E.M. on Green tour and writing/recording of Out Of Time. Contains 13 tracks + three bonus tracks. One would think being co founder of one of the world's most beloved power pop bands, The dB's, would be enough for one person. But, Peter Holsapple just had to tour with R.E.M. and Hootie & The Blowfish, join Continental Drifters, and collaborate with acts like The Troggs, The Julianna Hatfield Three, Better Than Ezra, and so many more. Perhaps that's why he's releasing his first solo album in 21 years, he's been a busy, busy man. And, as Peter himself says "And it's really 'solo', too! I played and sang 99 44/100 ths of the notes on this record." Game Day contains 13 new tracks, a bonus track, and two "super bonus tracks"Holsapple's critically acclaimed single "Don't Mention The War" / "Cinderella Style," originally released in 2017. Game Day is prime Holsapple, whose recording career spans nearly 5 decades. It contains all the hooks, clever lyrics, and deft instrumentation one would expect. As he says in the packaging, "Today, with all of the hard competition in the music business, it's almost impossible to come up with anything totally original. So, I haven't. But I had a lot of fun making Game Day, and I hope it comes through when you hear it."


  1. Name
  2. Game Day
  3. Commonplace
  4. Continental Drifters
  5. In Too Deep
  6. Inventory
  7. I Got High With You
  8. Tuff Day
  9. The Better Man
  10. She Handed Him A Pencil
  11. Donâ€t Ever Leave
  12. Yelling At Clouds
  13. Not Right Now
  14. The Smartest Thing Iâ€ve Ever Done
  15. Them Changes / Sing Lady Sing
  16. Donâ€t Mention The War
  17. Cinderella Style
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