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Esprit Ibert/Bozza/Debussy

Super Audio CD
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Super Jewel Case (SACD)
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Esprit Ibert/Bozza/Debussy
Esprit Ibert/Bozza/Debussy


This new Hybrid SACD recording features four members of the internationally renowned Afflatus (Wind) Quintet performing music by several French composers including Ibert, Bozza, Debussy, Gounod, Tomas and Françaix. Afflatus Quartet derives from Afflatus (Wind) Quintet, the winner of one of the most prestigious chamber music competitions in the world, the International Music Competition of the ARD Munich 1997. With Radek Baborak, the world famous horn player and Afflatus member taking a "vacation" from the ensemble, the four remaining members, each of which is an active soloist throughout Europe and especially in Czech Republic, have produced an album of music by 20th century French composers. The disc includes Ibert's 'The Little White Donkey', Deux Mouvements, and Cinq Pièces en Trio; Bozza's Sonatine, and Trois Pièces pour une Musique de Nuit; Debussy's 'Golliwogs Cakewalk', and The Little Shepherd; Gounods Funeral March of a Marionette, Tomasi's Concert Champêtre; and Françaix's Quartet for Wind Instruments. Personnel: Roman Novotny (flute), Jana Brozkova (oboe), Vojtech Nydl (clarinet), Ondrej Roskovec (bassoon)


  1. Name
  2. Ibert: The Litlle White Donkey for Woodwind Quartet
  3. Ibert: Deux Mouvements (Allant)
  4. Ibert: Deux Mouvements (Assez vif et rhythmé)
  5. Ibert: Cinq Pièces en Trio (Allegro vivo)
  6. Ibert: Cinq Pièces en Trio (Andantino)
  7. Ibert: Cinq Pièces en Trio (Allegro assai)
  8. Ibert: Cinq Pièces en Trio (Andante)
  9. Ibert: Cinq Pièces en Trio (Allegro quasi marziale)
  10. Bozza: Sonatine (Allegro vivo)
  11. Bozza: Sonatine (Calme)
  12. Boza: Sonatine (Allegro vivo)
  13. Bozza: Trois Pièces pour une musique de nuit (Andantino)
  14. Bozza: Trois Pièces pour une musique de nuit (Allegro vivo)
  15. Bozza: Trois Pièces pour une musique de nuit (Moderato)
  16. Debussy: Golliwog's Cakewalk for Woodwind Quartet
  17. Debussy: The Little Shepherd for Woodwind Quartet
  18. Gounod: Funeral March of a Marionette for Woodwind Quartet
  19. Tomasi: Concert Champêtre (Ouverture)
  20. Tomasi: Concert Champêtre (Minuetto)
  21. Tomasi: Concert Champêtre (Bourrée)
  22. Tomasi: Concert Champêtre (Nocturne)
  23. Tomasi: Concert Champêtre (Tambourin)
  24. Francaix: Quartet for Wind Instruments (Allegro)
  25. Francaix: Quartet for Wind Instruments (Andante)
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