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Original Albums Collection

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Original Albums Collection
Original Albums Collection


From Cuba to Brixton, via Kingston, Laurel Aitken carried his share of the precious seeds of what was to become reggae music. From its blue beat, calypso tinged origins in the 50s to the battle tracks, musical diary entries and social comment of the mid-late 1960s that set the tone for punk rock and hip hop a decade later, this master craftsman cut side after high quality side for Pama Records, Dr Bird, Rio, Island and others, creating a vibrant catalogue that stands tall among the canon of music of West Indian origin today.


  1. Name
  2. Street of Glory
  3. Lonesome Traveller
  4. Madame Soroise
  5. We Shall Overcome
  6. Call the Doctor
  7. Freedom
  8. Hallelujah Train
  9. Looking for My Baby
  10. Woman Is Sweeter Than Man
  11. It's Coming Down
  12. Take Off My Pyjamas
  13. Leave My Woman Alone
  14. Fire (in Your Wire)
  15. Worried Over Me (the Classics)
  16. Halfway to Paradise
  17. Coconut
  18. Quando Quando
  19. If You Need Me
  20. La La La (Means I Love You)
  21. Rice and Peas
  22. Stand By Me
  23. Sunnyside (Swimming Pool) (the Detours)Stand By Me
  24. Mr Lee
  25. Gonna Get Married
  26. Scandal in a Brixton Market
  27. Madam Straggae
  28. Stupid Married Man
  29. Tammering
  30. Have Mercy
  31. Night Cricket
  32. Run Powell Run
  33. Teddy Bear
  34. Mr Soul
  35. Woke Up This Morning
  36. Babylon
  37. Stop the War in Vietnam
  38. Jesse James
  39. Mr Popcorn
  40. I Got to Have Your Love
  41. John B
  42. Shoo Bee Shoo Bee
  43. Hailes Selaise
  44. Landlords and Tenants
  45. Save the Last Dance
  46. Walk Right Back
  47. Don't Be Cruel
  48. Woppi King
  49. Suffering Still (With Girlie)
  50. Boogie in My Bones
  51. Drinkin' Whisky (With the Caribs)
  52. Mary Lee / Bartender (With the Blue Beats)
  53. Brother David (With the Blue Beats)
  54. Lucille (With the Blue Beats)
  55. Adam and Eve
  56. I Shall Remove
  57. Lion of Judah
  58. Don't Stay Out Late
  59. Clementine
  60. Propaganda
  61. Green Banana
  62. Rock Steady
  63. Blowin' in the Wind
  64. I'm Still in Love With You Girl
  65. Reggae Prayer
  66. The Rise and Fall (of Laurel)
  67. Heile Heile (the Lion)
  68. Donkey Men
  69. Reggae '69
  70. Big Fight in Hell Stadium (With Girlie)
  71. Pussy Price Gone Up
  72. Skinhead Train
  73. Apollo 12 (Skinhead Invasion)
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