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Unholy Cult

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Unholy Cult
Unholy Cult


IMMOLATION has been established in the extreme metal genre for quite some time. With their first release "Dawn of Possession", in 1991 on Roadrunner Records, the band became a cult classic and has continued to progress steadily and strongly for well over a decade. Their unique style and unorthodox approach to music is evident throughout their entire discography and has solidified the group as one of the leaders in the underground metal world. With some of the most die hard fans around IMMOLATION compromises nothing and only aims to breathe new life into their darkest genre with each release... Rigid soulful rhythms, pounding thunderous drums, commanding vocals and smooth melodic leads make up this audible depiction of hell on earth as seen through the eyes of their author. Forget what you have ever been taught about extreme metal, because IMMOLATION breaks all the rules here. Out of the ordinary composition and well thought out lyrics intertwine and make the music come to life in a way that you can almost visualize. With out a doubt, 'Unholy Cult' is the band's best work to date.


  1. Name
  2. Of Martyrs and Men
  3. Sinful Nature
  4. Unholy Cult
  5. Wolf Among the Flock
  6. Reluctant Messiah
  7. A Kingdom Divided
  8. Rival the Eminent
  9. Bring Them Down
  10. Bringing Down the World
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