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Phosphorus Vol 1

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Phosphorus Vol 1
Phosphorus Vol 1


Initially started as a a solo project until Deacon D. ?was joined by guitarist ?skv?der ?in September 1999. ?After an hiatus HETROERTZEN?resurfaced ?in Sweden in 2009 with the release of ?'Exaltation Of Wisdom' issued on their own imprint ?Lamech Records. That album put?forward the band's early interest in the occult, Gnosticism and Illumination. 2016 saw the release of their critically acclaimed ' Uprising of the Fallen' previous album, HETROERTZEN are now releasing their brand new album entitled ' Phosphorus Vol 1' for a late Spring release on Listenable HETROERTZEN comment about 'Phosphorus Vol 1' :? " A?new day has come to pass. A new ray pierces the veil of darkness and?confusion. A new gem feeds?the astonished sight and yet we walk?through times of uncertainty before facing the switching Era. After?five years of silence and lots of work, Hetroertzen ?finally give you the first?Volume of 'Phosphorus', which is?the crown for our latest Opus or the?new Sephira in our artistic/spiritual development. This?is in fact a strong title, taken from the Vampiric-eucharistic ritual?of the "Ecclesia Gnosticae"?(Gnostic Church) which inspired the?"Libation" passage in the Order of the Knight Templars; and?even?in the Catholic Mass later on. "Unless?You Eat the Flesh of the Son of Man and Drink His Blood You Have No?Life In You" The?Royal Art or the Dragon's Arts are present more or less in any?occult teaching as Alchemy aims to?conjoin separated ways into the?quintessence of "Holy Marriage". As?one church focused on the feminine esoteric aspect of Communion and?the other on the?masculine; We use both sides unified as a more?accurate representation of?"unity" and "oneness".?(The One). 'Phosphorus Vol 1' consists of eight tracks plus one bonus track available on the?CD version.? They?harvest the very soul of Wisdom and Salvation or Salvation through?Wisdom as we see it.?Each?title encloses a key or "Clavicula" which reveals different?passages to the Adept. Once?more, the term "Eyes to see and Ears to hear" is fundamental when?it comes to the listening?experience to its fullest. As?all of the previous works, this is a unique piece which complements?our experimental / conceptual?aura into its own mystic tree. Time?will tell when the second volume faces the waves of turbulence.?Certainly, it shall swallow the?soul of the sleepers and haunt the?dreams of those who knock at our door. Through?plague and war, we survive the hand of destiny by the laws of cosmic?thought and the bliss of?this endless journey. Light?of all Lights, blessed be ! "


  1. Name
  2. The Arrival
  3. Sea in Black
  4. The Hall of Wonders
  5. Absorption of the Current l
  6. Absorption of the Current II
  7. Vultus Satani
  8. Et in Arcadia Ego
  9. I am Sickness I am Death
  10. Pantokrator
  11. The Conjuring of the Seven Spirits

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