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Disciples Of The Void

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Disciples Of The Void
Disciples Of The Void


While the pioneers of second-wave black metal continued expanding thier approach from pure black metal to different variations of metal music, Finnish black metal duo Disciples of the Void wanted to create black metal the way it was back in the mid '90s.

"The idea behind this project is not to come up with something new and different, but instead perform BM the way it was at first when we discovered it and the way it was at its best," says the band.

In order to enter the black metal scene in the purest way possible, Disciples of the Void's founding members have chosen to remain nameless, thus leaving the image as a secondary thing and putting the music as their top priority. Anonymity also supports their lyrical themes, which deal with nihilism, death, and emptiness.

Together, Disciples of the Void whip forth a stargazing fury that literally sounds frozen in the mid '90s, before the scene started worrying whether a black metal band was too "symphonic" and such things and indeed Disciples of the Void exhibit something of a symphonic aspect, but again one that is rooted in the rich traditionalism of second-wave black metal.

References to be made include the Norwegian vanguard of Obtained Enslavement, Covenant, and Troll as well as contemporaneous Finnish pillars like Darkwoods, My Betrothed, Thy Serpent, and Tunrida. Rounded out by a reverent cover of Bathory's epic "Home of the Once Brave," Disciples of the Void's self-titled debut proves that the past is alive - and it's more frozen in time than ever!


  1. Name
  2. Invictus Satana
  3. Dominion
  4. Apocalyptic Reign
  5. Enter The Void
  6. Per Aspera Ad Noctum
  7. The Harvest
  8. Heirs Of The Wormwood
  9. Choronzon
  10. Home Of The Once Brave
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