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Hooked On Glory

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Hooked On Glory
Hooked On Glory


The 1980s were a decade that saw a dramatic shift in the career of Maddy Prior. Steeleye Span, the English folk band with which she had made her name, were in state of flux after the departure of various members and would remain so for most the next few years. Maddy had already tried her hand as a solo artist with the well received 'Woman In The Wings' and 'Changing Winds', both released in 1978. Now seemed the perfect time to give the role her full attention. Assembling the Maddy Prior band, the next two albums in her catalogue were to see her head down a very different path to Steeleye Span. Written with her husband and Steeleye bassist Rick Kemp, both Hooked On Winning (1982) and Going For Glory (1983) were made up of exclusively original material that examined the world of personal relationships, religion, politics and many of the myths and legends that have continued to inspire Maddy to this day. The songs range from the tender to the hard hitting, all delivered in Prior's trademark classic English vocal. To record the albums, Maddy assembled a fine group of musicians. Although the emphasis was on the traditional rock format of bass, drums and guitar there was room for guest spots including Annie Lennox, who provided backing vocals on Going For Glory's 'Deep In The Darkest Night' (a classic song that still features in Maddy's solo live set). The results were a pair of albums that are unmistakably of their time yet somehow manage to bring the timeless quality that has been present in all aspects of Prior's varied career. It would be another ten years before Maddy Prior revisited her solo guise, following work with June Tabor as The Silly Sisters and her acclaimed recordings and tours with the Carnival Band, not to mention the revival of Steeleye Span. Her second period of activity was to produce more traditionally themed albums such as Flesh & Blood, Lionhearts and 2008's lauded Seven For Old England, her first solely acoustic record. Yet these albums still hold a special place in her body of work and, after an absence of twenty years, are now finally available on a double CD. Maddy Prior has spent forty years carving out a unique place for herself in English music; take this opportunity to rediscover some of her earlier steps along the way.


  1. Name
  2. After The Death
  3. Saboteur
  4. Morning Girls
  5. Half Listening
  6. Deep In The Darkest Night/"Conversion"
  7. Oh No
  8. God Squad
  9. Trivial Hymn
  10. Each Heart
  11. Hope Lies Now
  12. Pater Noster
  13. Allelujah
  14. Deep in the Darkest Night (single re mix)
  15. Long Holiday
  16. Information Station
  17. Face To Face
  18. Roll On The Day
  19. Back Into Cabaret
  20. Commit The Crime
  21. Friends
  22. Reduced Circumstances
  23. Nothing But The Best
  24. Love's Not Just A Word
  25. Girls On The Town
  26. Anthem To Failure
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