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Promises I Should Have Kept

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Promises I Should Have Kept
Promises I Should Have Kept


"Promises I Should Have Kept" is the debut album from modern Mariachi outfit Roja. The album is released through legendary North West label Probe Plus, longtime favourite of John Peel as well as home of longstanding folk luminaries Half Man Half Biscuit who the band will be gigging with this summer. Formed from the members of long-lost alt-rockers Marlowe, (a total of eight musicians, with five of them core members and the others guesting on the album) the distinctive vocal and dry lyricism of frontman Simon Bradshaw is set against an altogether more grandiose backdrop. Departing from the very British post-grunge sound of their previous group, Roja venture far across the ocean to the endless horizons and desert landscapes of Ennio Morricone and Mariachi El Bronx. Soaked in the spirit of Spaghetti Western soundtracks and the more recent homages of one Quentin Tarantino, triumphant brass, sweeping strings and flamenco acoustic guitars form the richly evocative tapestry of their magnum opus, Promises I Should Have Kept. There is still a shadow of their early career in the serrated distortion and, most importantly, their classic songwriting nous that calls to mind the likes of Frank Black & the Catholics, Scott Walker, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and Richard Hawley. With deliciously dark narratives of narrow escapes and turbulent romance, it's the most thrillingly inventive work from a group of musicians who have played together for nigh on two decades, burning with a creative fire rapturously renewed. 'Oh L'amour (Part 1)' is a brief interlude on the LP, sung as a duet between Simon and his wife, guest artist Rosalind Bradshaw. Written on the newlyweds' honeymoon in Vietnam, on an acoustic guitar borrowed from the hotel staff, the music is sumptuously romantic and features guest accordion by Dave Thom. Lyrically, however, it is befitting of the album's often sinister tone, depicting a liaison in a bar where a seduction takes place. In 'Oh L'amour (Part Two)' the revelation is that the female character's husband is waiting outside ready to dispatch with his wife's naive suitor. By no means the idyllic post-nuptial scene one would expect!"If they could persuade Barbara Broccolli to call the next Bond film "The Evil Stands High", they could have a hit on their hands!" - Dave Sinclair, The Times "Tip For The Top - There's a new man-band who describe themselves as Modern Mariachi. They are ROJA!" - Katie Hind, Sunday People "Bringing Mariachi Back!" - The Sabotage Times


  1. Name
  2. The Evil Stands High
  3. Don't Leave Me Here To Die
  4. This Old Flame
  5. Oh L'amour (part1)
  6. Yeah I Could
  7. Some Moments Of Silence
  8. Heart Attack
  9. Nestle
  10. I'm Your Lover Not Your Man
  11. The End
  12. Oh L'amour (part 2)
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