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Folk, Welsh
Steam Pie Records
April 9, 2012

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"PWNCO" - A heady mix of exhilarating instrumentals, bewitching harmonies, horns, nyckleharpa, a nursery song, respectful of tradition whilst innovative - it's Allan Yn Y Fan's 4th album.

Allan Yn Y Fan once again bring a new slant to Welsh music, adding freshness, appeal and their own blend of quirky fun to new release "Pwnco".

The "Battle Of Wits" of the title perfectly sums up the interplay between five talented multi-instrumentalists as they negotiate a heady assortment of upbeat dance tunes, interspersed with moments of contemplation and inspiration.

While a strong Welsh flavour is retained with songs such as "Canu Cwnsela", English lyrics are included in a shimmering version of old favourite "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and the bi-lingual "Tra Bo Dau" ("Whilst There are Two")

Meriel Field's stunning lead vocals are complemented by those of other band members, notably a poignant rendition of John Stewart William's poem "Dic Penderyn" and the 'a capella' "Dacw 'Nghariad".

A brass section sneaks into "Quickstep Albania" and ceilidh meets the Blues Brothers for the "Miniwet Dinbych" set, while German nykleharpa virtuoso, Thomas Roth, joins a reworking of the haunting "Lle Arall" and a self-penned nautical set (Seasick Sailors / The Rough Crossing).

"Pwnco" underpins the band's diversity, where traditional offerings and their own compositions continue to enthral, amuse and entertain.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Death in Ennis; the Audient -
2. Canu Cwnsela; Pwnco -
3. Miniwet Dinbych; the Leitrim Fancy Jig; the Growling Old Man & the Grumbling Old Woman -
4. Lle Arall -
5. Dacw 'nghariad -
6. Pibddawns Heol Y Felin; Y Bibddawns Ffansi -
7. Dic Penderyn -
8. Tra Bo Dau -
9. Albanian Quickstep; Neidod Twm Bach -
10. Arafu -
11. Sea Sick Sailors; the Rough Crossing -
12. Twinkle Twinkle -