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October 8, 2007

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Bedouin Jerry Can Band (BJB) is a collective of semi-nomadic musicians, poets, storytellers and coffee grinders from the Egyptian Sinai desert. The group's songs and poetry recount the exploits and fables of the ancient Arabian Bedouin tribes through stories from Sinai, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the Arabian Gulf. Set against traditional Bedouin melodies BJB blend the Simsimiyya (5-string Egyptian lyre), desert flutes and reed pipes with infectious rhythms played on tablas, frame drums and clay jugs, augmented by an unusual arsenal of junk, such as ammunition boxes and jerry cans scavenged from former battlegrounds (a time-honoured Bedouin tradition of making good the 'riches' of Sinai).
BJB's debut album follows on from recent UK activity which included a live session for BBC Radio 3 World Routes and an appearance at the The Union Chapel, London and the Petrie Museum of Archeology.

Tracks: The Bedu of Sinai / Ya el yaleladana / Al Ragah / Am ye gamal / Black Coffee / Khalf / Debaka / Wesh Melek / Mareia / Mallate / Full Moon night / Drobie / Fengan

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. The Bedu Of Sinai -
2. Ya El Yaleladana -
3. Al Ragah -
4. Am Ye Gamal -
5. Black Coffee -
6. Khalf -
7. Debaka -
8. Wesh Melek -
9. Mareia -
10. Mallate -
11. Full Moon Night -
12. Drobie -
13. Fengan -