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September 25, 2006

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Deluxe Edition packaged in a Hardback Book Style Cover.

Burlesque is Bellowhead's much anticipated full length album. The album includes 13 songs and tunes inspired by a dazzling array of material from the Napoleonic Wars "Rigs Of The Time", the American minstrel movement "Jordan", sea-shanties from Brazil "Across The Line" and the spirit of the East Anglian step dance tradition "Sloe Gin".

Lead singer, Jon Boden, struts and emotes much like a grandson of Mick Jagger and the ensemble playing of all of the musicians is superb. It is not simply the technical ability of the individual players that impressess but also the sheer musicality of the arrangements. By 2006, the band had long since transcended the idea of simply being a folk band with some brass players. They have honed a unique style, which sets them apart.

Deeply rooted in the English folk dance tradition, they also merge a joyous, uplifting cacophony of sound with a slightly sinister, distorted collision of music hall, Lotte Lenya, Robert Wyatt and pure theatre.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Rigs of the Time 05:57
2. Jordan 04:07
3. Across The Line 05:09
4. London Town 05:55
5. Sloe Gin [Frozen Gin / The Vinegar Reel / The Slow] 05:18
6. Courting Too Slow 06:09
7. Flash Company 05:10
8. Hopkinson's Favourite 05:56
9. One May Morning Early 02:50
10. The Outlandish Knight 07:05
11. Frog's Legs & Dragon Teeth 04:53
12. Fire Marengo 04:05
13. Death and the Lady 05:43