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McKay Stout Music
August 9, 2010

Format: Compact Disc



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McKAY and STOUT are Scotland's most innovative and exciting musical duo. Members of award winning Fiddlers Bid (Scottish Traditional Album of the year) their new album explores their ever more adventurous yet accesable musical landscape.

Catriona McKay(Scottish Harp) and Chris Stout(Shetland Fiddle) play a dynamic and adventurous exploration of traditional Scottish music. Performing together for 15 years,they are connected to the traditions of their instruments while being highly aware of,and enthralled by the possibilities they hold. They pursue a path to explore sounds that connect and challenge.
Their 2010 album White Nights is a modulation between past and present,between summer and winter,between reliability and risk. Music inspired by the hightened senses during the long light nights of summer in the north,and in contrast,music which celebrates reflections of winter landscapes and sounds.

They tread carefully while abandoning themselves to a journey to create ,yet they carve out space for one another to allow a musical dialogue. It is this unity along with communication that makes their music so compelling.

Bookended by the beautiful reflective 'Missing You' (McKay) and Michaelswood(Stout) this new album is entirely self composed. With stunning playing and gorgeous tunes along with tunes like the spiky' Edges and High Water',and influences ranging from Scottish folk,ancient harp,Scandinavian and echoes of World Music ,as well as Stout's Shetland heritage,this album is a giant leap forward from 'Laebrack',all of 5 years ago,and seems a culmination of their music to date.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Missing You -
2. Isflak -
3. White Nights -
4. Da Throw's Jig -
5. Eira -
6. A Home Under Every Tree -
7. Roddy Sinclair -
8. Edges And High Water -
9. Michaelswood -