All That Reckoning

Cowboy Junkies

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July 13, 2018

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With Cowboy Junkies' new album, All That Reckoning, the band once again gently shakes the listener to wake up. Whether commenting on the fragile state of the world or on personal relationships, this new collection of songs encourages the listener to take notice. It also may be the most powerful album Cowboy Junkies have yet recorded.

While the music is characteristically easy to listen to, the songs on "All That Reckoning" are visceral. In true Junkies fashion, the gentleness is juxtaposed with rock that can be jarring.

"It's a deeper and a more complete record than we've ever done before," says Michael. "We've always tried to make records that are relevant to who we are as people... These songs are about reckoning on a personal level and reckoning on a political level. So much is going on around us right now and nobody knows where it's going to end up."

Anyone who has been following their three decade-long journey knows the band has always traveled on its own path. From the auspicious debut of Whites Off Earth Now and the subsequent international breakthrough with The Trinity Session, to the group's Nomad Series of themed albums (2010-2012), Cowboy Junkies have never let music business trends dictate where the band was headed.

Unlike most long-lasting groups they have never had a break up or taken a sanity-saving hiatus. There's an appreciation of each other that keeps them constantly working. "It's that intimacy and understanding of what each one of us brings to the table," says Michael. "Even if the world doesn't know it, we do."

Cowboy Junkies are not following anyone else's guidebook. It's advice Margo gave to her 15-year-old son, who is an aspiring musician in his own band. "He asked me, 'How do you come up with the next 'latest thing'? I told him, 'Don't try. It's your music. . . Just love what you're doing and do it your own way."

Press Quotes

"Cowboy Junkies are at the top of their game and the songwriting is stronger than ever. Margo's voice shimmers with darkly hued luster and strength. The album feeds the soul lyrically and musically, and raises your senses."

Staccato (9.4/10)

"it's equal parts tenderness and edge, sensual and beautifully disturbing. Michael Timmins calls this "a deeper and more complete record than we have done". I can't disagree."

MOJO (5 stars)

"Even from the opening track All That Reckoning Pt1, you are faced with a sensory overload, and not just from Margot Timmins' unmistakeable voice and the Cowboy Junkies trademarked Lo-Fi bass and guitar combo; but the stark lyrics come at you like the suns rays through a Summer fog"

Rocking Magpie

"When We Arrive' includes the killer line "welcome to the world of self-delusion" - a song about immigrants in the 21st century? 'The Things We Do To Each Other' is another killer song that is overtly political in a way that we don't expect to hear from Cowboy Junkies"

"Six years after 'Wilderness', Cowboy Junkies give the listener a personal view on the fragile world. On the one hand soft, quiet and reflective (like we know), on the other hand full with energetic sounds. Strong!"

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. All That Reckoning (Part 1) 03:51
2. When We Arrive 04:29
3. The Things We Do To Each Other 03:56
4. Wooden Stairs 04:20
5. Sing Me A Song 04:21
6. Mountain Stream 04:51
7. Missing Children 03:40
8. Shining Teeth 04:40
9. Nose Before Ear 04:16
10. All That Reckoning (Part 2) 04:19
11. The Possessed 03:23