Dengue Fever (Deluxe Version)

Dengue Fever

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Tuk Tuk Records
May 26, 2017

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Released originally in 2003, Dengue Fever's eponymous debut album will be reissued in May 2017 in a deluxe version with five additional bonus tracks. Never before released outside North America, this is the first time this album has been available in Europe and the rest of the world. Tracks on this release mostly consist of cover versions of Khmer/Cambodian classics by Khmer rock icons: Ros Sereysothea, Pan Ron and Sinn Sithamouth.

The debut album by Dengue Fever is an indicator of where pop music is headed, particularly in areas of multicultural urban sprawl. Though Cambodian émigré Chhom Nimol's sinuous vocals dominate each song, Zachary Holtzman (guitar, vocals) plays an equally essential role in defining the band's direction. Retro surf guitar, the throwback psychedelic tone of the Farfisa organ, rhythms on songs like "Pow Pow" that conjure visions of James Bond dancing the Swim in a Hong Kong nightclub, as well as the absence of any post-punk or disco residue, create a sense of time displacement; this music could just as easily have been heard decades ago, long before American demographics had absorbed Asian pop influences. As a result, Dengue Fever also projects a feeling of being heard in another place, through the Asian modalities of its singsong melodies, the reverb that drenches Nimol's tracks and, above all, the fact that every vocal part, including those of the American-bred musicians, is in Khymer. This album matters, though, because of its relevance to a growing audience in the U.S. At long last, years after America tossed the seeds of its pop culture out into the world, the results are blowing back, taking root, and raising fascinating possibilities for what's to come in this newer New World. (AMG 2004)

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Lost In Laos 04:04:00
2. I'm Sixteen 04:23:00
3. 22 Nights 05:36:00
4. Hold My Hips 04:30:00
5. Dengue Fever 04:47:00
6. Thanks-A-Lot 02:11:00
7. New Year's Eve 04:16:00
8. Ethanopium 04:36:00
9. Glass Of Wine 04:17:00
10. Shave Your Beard 03:03:00
11. Pow Pow 03:02:00
12. Connect Four 04:00:00
13. A Go Go (Remix) 02:55:00
14. Doo Wop (Live At The Rickshaw Stop 2004) 02:12:00
15. Hold My Hips (Paul Dreux Smith Remix 2004) 03:51:00
16. Lost In Laos (Tom Chasteen Remix) 04:50:00
17. Thanks-A-Lot (Live At Spaceland 2004) 02:06:00