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May 26, 2008

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Devised by Ewan MacColl, radio producer Charles Parker and Peggy Seeger, the Radio-Ballads set out to crystallise in words and music the experience of different ways of life - the words being supplied not by actors but by the real occupants of those lives and jobs, whether miners, fishermen, boxers or teenagers. The eight programmes were first broadcast by the BBC between 1958 and 1964.

It was Singing the Fishing, the third in the series, that established the radio-ballad as a new form. It won the Prix d'Italia for radio documentary in October 1960 and was eventually transmitted in 86 countries. Singing the Fishing was critically lauded and, most significantly, the people whose livelihoods were the subject of the programme - the men of the English and Scots herring fleets - hailed it with enthusiasm.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Up Jumped The Herring, The King Of The Sea... - Ewan McColl -
2. Come All You Gallant Fishermen... -
3. It's Up With The Dawn... - Ewan McColl -
4. Years Ago, You Started Very Young... -
5. I Started To Go To The Sea In 1892... -
6. So It's Off With A Boiler Full Of Steam... -
7. When The Wind Is Freshening... -
8. What Shall It Profit A Fisherman... -
9. It's Busk Ye, My Lads, Get You Up On The Deck... -
10. There's No Feeling Like Coming Into Harbour... -
11. Came A'ye Fisher Lassies... -
12. Up Jumped The Herring... - Ewan McColl -
13. Cwa, Ye Herring Fisherman... -
14. A' The Week Your Man's Away... -
15. Wi' Our Nets And Gear... - Ewan McColl -
16. Our Ships Are Small... -