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May 26, 2008

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Devised by Ewan MacColl, radio producer Charles Parker and Peggy Seeger, the Radio-Ballads set out to crystallise in words and music the experience of different ways of life - the words being supplied not by actors but by the real occupants of those lives and jobs, whether miners, fishermen, boxers or teenagers. The eight programmes were first broadcast by the BBC between 1958 and 1964.

The second radio-ballad, Song Of A Road, featured the story behind the building of the Ml, the first motorway to be built in the UK. A marvelous subject for the second programme, it was described by The Observer as a "near triumph by John Axon Standards and an absolute marvel by any others".

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Introduction - Peggy Seeger -
2. We Usually Finish The Shift In The Pub... - Ewan McColl -
3. I Think It's The Soil... - Ewan McColl -
4. We Are The Consulting Engineers... - Ewan McColl -
5. We Were In A Great Rush When We Did This... - Ewan McColl -
6. My Name Is... - Peggy Seeger -
7. During That Time, A Survey Has Been Made... - Ewan McColl -
8. It Would Take Quite A Lot Of Men To Do The Job Of One Of Those Machines... - Peggy Seeger -
9. Come All You Gallant Drivers... - Ewan McColl -
10. I'm A Roving Rambler... - Ewan McColl -
11. Deep And Straight And Low... - Ewan McColl -
12. Sixty Tons Of Steel... - Ewan McColl -
13. What Made You Come Into This Game? - Ewan McColl -
14. Just A Road... - Ewan McColl -
15. Oh Well That's Just The Way It Is... - Peggy Seeger -
16. When The Muck Has All Been Shifted... - Peggy Seeger -
17. Bring Up Your Black Squad... - Peggy Seeger -
18. Been On The Road So Long... - Ewan McColl -
19. You Can Talk About Your Concrete... - Ewan McColl -
20. The Motorway Is On The Final Lap... - Peggy Seeger -
21. We Needed A Way Cut Through The Land... - Peggy Seeger -