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Classical, Spoken Word
April 13, 2019

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Decca proudly presents a unique artefact from its vaults for the first time since the original release in 1962. In Venice, August 1961, the most prominent surrealist artist of all time, Salvador Dali staged a very unique performance at the Teatro La Fenice and Decca were on hand to document the event. Available for the first time since its original release this fascinating document is presented with its original artwork reproducing Dali's own designs and includes exclusive interviews with the artist himself.

Best known for his striking and bizarre images (and the Chupa Chups® logo), Salvador Dali was a highly imaginative individual and constantly indulging in unusual and grandiose behaviour. His public appearances were always a spectacle and in August 1961 it was announced that the Master would arrive in Venice by whale. Nobody knows whether he did or not, but certainly his presence caused the most bizarre spectacle in the most beautiful opera house, the Teatro La Fenice ? in fact the first completely surrealistic stage performance Dali had known.

On stage a blind man watches television, a wardrobe mistress constantly irons, a carcass of beef hangs surrounded by flies, a limp watch is handed around; and before Dali's famous paintings there are processions of limping beggars, gondoliers, and finally the Master himself in a gondolier's gleaming white uniform and a red Catalan cap.

Decca were on hand to document the event in Venice, August 1961. This iconic moment and accompanying performances were caught on record by two legendary Decca employees: Producer Erik Smith and engineer Roy Wallace*
*the co-creator [alongside his colleague Arthur Haddy] of the ''Decca Tree'' and Decca's unique stereo recording technique, i.e. the signature ''Decca Sound'' Decca now proudly presents, for the first time since its original release in 1962, this unique artefact from the vaults. It is a fascinating insight to one of the most prominent surrealist artists of all time.

This release is lovingly presented with the original artwork [representing the original set designs by Dali] and includes exclusive interviews with the artist himself. With dozens of museums and permanent exhibitions around the world on one of the most iconic artists of the 20th century, this should be a true collector's item.

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