The Best Of The Dualtone Years (2LP)

Guy Clark

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March 3, 2017

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Guy Clark, channeler of the human condition, plainspoken poet, master luthier, seasoned painter and damn fine guitar player, was above all a man. Probably the closest thing to Hemingway Nashville ? or the Lone Star State ? would ever see: lean prose, gut strings ringing and a hard-won dignity that embraced tenderness as the ultimate manifest of toughness. By the time he arrived at Dualtone, he was already a legend for his exacting song craft that elixired truth tempered with compassion, grounded by vivid detail. Workbench Songs, Somedays The Song Writes You, Songs and Stories and My Favorite Picture of You measured the life, the heart, the humanity that defined Clark's writing, especially having fully lived well into his seventh decade. We are is pleased to announce the release of Guy Clark: The Best Of The Dualtone Years a celebration of Guy's albums recorded under the Dualtone moniker.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1, Side 1

Song Title Time
1. Rain In Durango 04:46
2. Hemingway's Whiskey 02:54
3. My Favorite Picture Of You 03:32
4. The Cape (Live) 03:52
5. If I Needed You 04:52

Track Listing — Disc 1, Side 2

Song Title Time
1. Maybe I Can Paint Over That 04:33
2. The Guitar 03:42
3. L.A. Freeway (Live) 04:09
4. Out In The Parkin' Lot 04:46

Disc 2

Track Listing — Disc 2, Side 1

Song Title Time
1. The Randall Knife (Live) 04:03
2. Magdalene 03:56
3. Homegrown Tomatoes (Live) 05:03
4. Cornmeal Waltz 03:27
5. El Coyote 04:10

Track Listing — Disc 2, Side 2

Song Title Time
1. Tornado Time In Texas 05:39
2. Dublin Blues (Live) 05:01
3. Just To Watch Maria Dance (Unreleased Demo) 02:16
4. The Last Hobo (Unreleased Demo) 03:15
5. Time (Unreleased Demo) -