Zwiegesprache: Holliger & Kurtag

Heinz Holliger

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June 7, 2019

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Released to mark Heinz Holliger's 80th birthday (on 21 May), this recording Zwiegespräche - "Dialogues" - is the perfect embodiment of his dual artistry as performer and composer.

Zwiegespräche begins with the intensely moving sound of Heinz Holliger's oboe calling out into the wild, in a piece written for him by his longstanding friend György Kurtág. Then comes a response composed by him, played on cor anglais by his pupil Marie-Lise Schüpbach. From here the conversation develops, of two composers who, from their solitary positions, strive to make contact with one another ? and with us. The many pieces are, as is typical for both composers, short. Six and a half minutes here is an epic, and many of the messages are over in under a minute. Such dimensions invite us to listen closely, to every turning nuance, and our attention is rewarded, by music-making that is at once emphatic and fine-grained.

Personnel: Heinz Holliger (oboe, cor anglais, piano), Marie-Lise Schüpbach (cor anglais, oboe), Ernesto Molinari: (bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet), Sarah Wegener (soprano), Philippe Jaccottet (speaker)

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Kurtág: … Ein Brief aus der Ferne an Ursula for oboe solo -
2. Holliger: Berceuse pour M. for cor anglais solo -
3. Kurtág: … für Heinz … for piano left hand -
4. Holliger: Die Ros‘ (Angelus Silesius) version for soprano, oboe, cor anglais and bass clarinet -
5. Kurtág: Angelus Silesius: Die Ros‘ for soprano and cor anglais (Hommage á Heinz Holliger) -
6. Holliger: Airs (Sept poèmes de Philippe Jaccottet - Lecture pour hautbois et cor anglais) - I Une semaison de larmes… -
8. Holliger: Airs - II L'œil… -
10. Holliger: Airs - III Ce qui brûle… for two oboes -
12. Holliger: Airs - IV Dans l'étendue… -
14. Holliger: Airs - V O compagne… for two cors anglaises -
16. Holliger: Airs - VI Je marche… -
18. Holliger: Airs - VII Oiseaux -
20. Kurtág: Schatten for contrabass clarinet -
21. Kurtág: Rozsnyai Ilona in memoriam for cor anglais and contrabass clarinet -
22. Kurtág: Einen Augenblick lang for oboe solo -
23. Kurtág: Versetto (apokrif organum) for cor anglais and bass clarinet -
24. Kurtág: Hommage à Elliott Carter I Capriccio for oboe solo -
25. Kurtág: Hommage à Elliott Carter II Arioso for cor anglais and contrabass clarinet -
26. Kurtág: Kroó György in memoriam for contrabass clarinet solo -
27. Kurtág: Lorand Gaspar: Désert for soprano and oboe -
28. Kurtág: "Der Glaube“ (Péter Bornemisza) for oboe solo -
29. Kurtág: … summaia a B.P. for oboe and contrabass clarinet -
30. Kurtág: … ein Sappho-Fragment for cor anglais solo -
31. Kurtág: … (Hommage à Tristan) for cor anglais and bass clarinet -
32. Kurtág: Einen Augenblick lang for contrabass clarinet solo -
33. Kurtág: In Nomine – all‘ongherese (Damjanich emlekko) for cor anglais solo -
34. Holliger: Sonata for Oboe solo - I Praludium -
35. Holliger: Sonata for Oboe solo II Capriccio -
36. Holliger: Sonata for Oboe solo III Aria -
37. Holliger: Sonata for Oboe solo IV Finale -