One For Sorrow (Re-issue 2018) (LP)


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Hard Rock and Metal
Century Media Records
April 13, 2018

Format: Vinyl (LP)

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Finland's epic and gloomy melodic deathers INSOMNIUM proudly present a high-class reissue of 2011's "One For Sorrow"! "One For Sorrow" kicked off the band's ongoing and constantly increasing success mounting in #1 in the Finnish charts and #19 in Germany for "Winter's Gate" (2016). As Century Media Records celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2018, bringing back a more recent milestone in the label's history is mandatory considering the class of "One For Sorrow" and the fact, the original pressing is fairly rare. This reissue also includes the tracks 'Weather The Storm' (feat. Mikael Stanne / Dark Tranquillity) and 'Beyond The Horizon', which only had been available digitally before. "One For Sorrow" is available as Gatefold 2LP+CD and has been mastered for vinyl to ensure the best possible listening quality

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Dimensions (LxWxH) 310mm x 5mm x 310mm

Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Inertia -
2. Through The Shadows -
3. Song Of The Blackest Bird -
4. Only One Who Waits -
5. Unsung -
6. Every Hour Wounds -
7. Decoherence -
8. Lay The Ghost To Rest -
9. Regain The Fire -
10. One For Sorrow -
11. Weather The Storm (feat. Mikael Stanne / Dark Tranquillity) -
12. Beyond The Horizon -