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Wild Goose
March 21, 2011

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Traditional songs from Devon, mostly lesser known rather than the famous ones. Main artist Jim Causley, vocal and accordion, supported by Jeff Gillett, guitar and mandola, Nick Wyke and Becki Driscoll, vocals, fiddle, viola,cello and lyre, plus Pete Flood on percussion.

The intent of this album is to shine a light on some lesser known
Devonshire songs and bring them together under a single umbrella to add to the awareness of the richness of the county in terms of traditional music.
Some of the songs are very specific, local and individual to a particular place, whereas others are versions of songs that have been found all over the British Isles (and beyond) and represent the fascinating way in which songs migrate, morph and become localized on their travels.

The kingdom of Dumnonia was the ancient home of the Dumnonii, the Celtic tribal people who lived in this part of the South West peninsula before, during and after the period when the Romans occupied it. It is where the modern county of Devon derives its name and a large amount of its cultural identity.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. When I Was Young -
2. Little Ball o' Yarn -
3. Georgie -
4. Old Uncle Whiteway -
5. The Old Threshing Mill -
6. The Earl of Totnes -
7. Royal Comrade -
8. Exeter Town -
9. She Moved Through the Fair + Germany Clockmaker -
10. Tamar Valley Requiem -
11. Exmoor Anthem -
12. Honiton Lace -
13. The Game of Cards -
14. Sidbury to Stockland Set -
15. In the Sidings -
16. Larkbeare -
17. The Tythe Pig -
18. Wailey Wailer -