God Bless The Plough

John Kirkpatrick

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March 28, 2011

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BBC Radio 2 Folk Musician of 2010 returns with a new thematic collection celebrating the Victorian Farming Year in Song.

John Kirkpatrick was the featured musician in the recent acclaimed BBC TV series 'The Victorian Farm'. His latest album is a powerful collection celebrating the Victorian Farming Year in Song. As John notes in his modest sleevenotes:
"Songs about farmers, and songs sung by farmers; songs about the work on the farm, and songs to make that work easier; songs celebrating particular days in the country calendar, and songs celebrating the daily miracle of life, death, and renewal. And the world we are shown here is not a romantic pastoral idyll viewed through rose-tinted spectacles ? this is a world full of sweat and muck, a world with dirt under the finger nails, a world full of snorting, and grunting, and heaving."

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. The First Of May -
2. The Thrashing Machiners -
3. The Wassailing Bowl -
4. Peas Beans, And Oats -
5. Bean Setters; Bean Planting -
6. The Carter's Song -
7. Sheeover Birds -
8. Polly's Father -
9. Drink, Boys, Drink -
10. 1The Oxen Ploughing -
11. The Sweet Month Of May -
12. Speed The Plough -
13. God Speed The Plough -
14. The Grumbling Farmers -
15. What's The Life Of A Man? -
16. The Farmer's Boy -