Kansas City Calling

Julia Lee

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Jasmine Records
July 25, 2005

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In many ways Julia was a pioneer of rhythm & blues, she had her own unique vocal style that embodied what was then a certain Kansas City sound. Her piano playing also contained different traits, this combination of talents made her extremely popular during the forties and fifties.

This CD is an excellent introduction for anyone wishing an overview of her career and is a welcome addition to the Jasmine blues series. Includes "King Size Papa", "My Man Stands Out" and "Snatch And Grab It". Be careful not to play it while minors are in the room as these risque songs, laden with double-entendres, may offend.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. King Size Papa -
2. Snatch and Grab It -
3. Ain't It A Crime -
4. I Was Wrong -
5. Take It Or Leve It -
6. I Didn't Like It The First Time - The Spinach song -
7. Tell Me, Daddy -
8. Cold Hearted Mama -
9. Gotta Gimme Watcha Got -
10. Young Girl's Blues -
11. Tonight's the Night -
12. My Man Stands Out -
13. Don't Save It Too Late -
14. You Ain't Got It Anymore -
15. After Hours Waltz -
16. Do You Want It? -
17. Oh Chuck It (In A Bucket) -
18. When a Man Loves a Woman -
19. On My Way Out -
20. Wise Guys - You're A Wise Guy -
21. The Glory of Love (Feat. Helen Ward) -
22. That's What I Like -
23. When You're Smiling -