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Kasai Allstars

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June 30, 2014

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Mojo World Music Album Of The Year 2014 (No.1).

The long-awaited second album by the mindblowing, mythic collective from Kinshasa, DRC is a collection of over 100 minutes of wild, trance-inducing, raw intensity. Their 2008 debut album 'In the 7th Moon...' made a lasting impact on the imagination of artists such as Animal Collective, Juana Molina, Shackleton and Deerhoof as well as music lovers everywhere.

The core of Kasai Allstars consists of fifteen musicians from five bands, all from the Kasai region of Congo, but originating from five different ethnic groups. They each have their own culture, language and musical traditions, which were always thought to be incompatible until these musicians decided to transcend their differences and work together. Kasai Allstars draw their songs from festive/ritual music and the lyrics tackle matters such as sorcery, social commentary and traditional wisdom.

'Beware the Fetish' presents a broader scope of Kasai Allstars' music, probing deeper into the musicians' repertoires and styles, with the help of a large array of guests. The band use their trademark mixture of traditional instruments (slit and buzz drums, xylophones), electric guitars, and distorted thumb pianos with DIY amplification (such as the giant bass likembe which adorns the cover). Some songs showcase rocking and intertwining guitars, others include a higher proportion of acoustic percussion or likembes, and they all feature arresting vocal performances by a cast of charismatic singers.

Personnel: 'Muambuyi' Ntumba Ngalula (vocals, lead vocals), 'Mi Amor' Mputu Ebondo, 'Grand Prêtre' Kalubi, 'Bondis' Kabese Ngandu (vocals), Kabongo Tshisensa, Kalenga Ditu (likembe, vocals), Tandjolo Yatshi (lokombe - slit drum, vocals), Tshimanga Muamba (resonator drum, vocals), 'Baila' Tshilumba, Didi Bafuafua (xylophones), Mopero Mupemba (electric guitar), Yempongo Kadiya, Ngalula Ndaye Sylvie, Bosio Tokala Mamie (vocals, dancing), Mbuyamba Nyunyi (bass likembe, vocals) CD2, track 6: Congotronics vs Rockers featuring members of Konono No.1, Deerhoof, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Matt Mehlan from Skeletons and Juana Molina.

Press Quotes

(5 stars) It's lovingly recorded, buzzing likembe thumb-pianos presented at length, to steadily intensifying effect.

Songlines, (Martin Longley), August / September 2014

(4 stars) A double album of lengthy, hypnotic songs that provide a furious reminder of the wilder side of Congolese music...Play it very loud.

The Guardian, (Robin Denselow), June 19, 2014

(4 stars) Congotronics is, to these ears, some of the most intriguing and exciting music on the planet...Let yourself go and these mesmeric, ever-shifting layers of rhythm, urged on with shouts and chants, will work its spell.

The Irish Times, (Nigel Wood), June 27, 2014

(4 stars) Congo's most unlikely heroes have just released an album comprising 100 minutes of distorted thumb piano, evil spirits, ghosts, voodoo and - gulp - fetishes.

MOJO, (David Hutcheon), August 2014

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. The Chief's Enthronement / Oyaye 05:44
2. Yangye, The Evil Leopard 07:05
3. Salute To Kalombo 09:21
4. Down And Out 09:07
5. He Who Makes Bush Fires For Others 11:29
6. As They Walked Into the Forest on a Sunday, They Encountered Apes Dressed As Humans 05:45

Disc 2

Track Listing — Disc 2

Song Title Time
1. Thus Spoke the Ancestors 07:42
2. Beware the Fetish 07:53
3. A Good Husband 08:15
4. In Praise of Homeboys 07:25
5. The Dead Don't Dance 12:38
6. The Ploughman (Le Laboureur) 00:01