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November 19, 2012

Format: Vinyl (LP)



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Exploding out of the speakers like a mad mash-up kung-fu fight between Tom Waits, Joanna Newsom and Gogol Bordello, Katzenjammer are a band so epically gifted at song craft, you will find it hard not to snort in excitement.

Katzenjammer's ascent began in 2009 when they appeared at the Scandinavian industry convention by:Larm in Oslo. Their special blend of folk/country/cabaret/Balkan/rickety-rock pop, along with the impressive array of 29 (and counting) instruments on which the girls are self-taught, blew away the audience and has since seen them go on to sell over 10,000 records, in Norway and Germany and receive the 'Newcomer of the Year' nomination at the Norwegian Grammy Awards. The group's introduction to the UK came in the spring of 2010 with a rapturously received show at the monthly JA JA JA club night in London (curated by Steve Lamacq), followed by two roof raising sets at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton.

Katzenjammer also spread their passport-free brand of musical mayhem across mainland Europe and North America, where they have performed at SXSW, the Bonnaroo festival (at the personal request of David Byrne), Lovebox Festival and the recently re-activated Lilith Fair 2010 tour to promote the North American release of the album. In 2011 the band headlined HMV's Next Big Thing Festival in the UK.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Overture -
2. A Bar In Amsterdam -
3. Demon Kitty Rag -
4. Tea With Cinnamon -
5. Hey Ho on The Devil's Back -
6. Wading In Deeper -
7. Le Pop -
8. Der Kapitan -
9. Virginia Clemm -
10. Play My Darling Play -
11. To The Sea -
12. Mother Superior -