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Folk, English Folk
November 10, 2017

Format: Compact Disc



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Second release from Sheffield supergroup comprising multi-award-winning duo Nancy Kerr (voice, violin) and James Fagan (voice, bouzouki, guitar) with Jess Arrowsmith (voice, violin) and Richard Arrowsmith (voice, melodeons).

Powerhouse instrumentals of the highest calibre sit alongside bold four-part harmony songs, most with great choruses. The recording combines traditional songs and new songs by Nancy Kerr and Jess Arrowsmith, and speaks of love, loss and above all community. Recorded in a great soundspace by Tom Wright, this is music aimed squarely at the listener's heart.

Press Quotes

"A mouthwatering concoction. Brilliantly executed four part harmonies… extraordinary. Stunning vocal talent… raucous abandon. This is a band who have prospered by seizing the day, by daring to do things that are slightly different, a band who are able to make old songs sound new, and new ones sound timeless."


"fourteen superb tracks. A sense of joy and harmony that will continue to connect with a local and wider audience who value peace, a sense of belonging and a belief in community, and not just to residents of this old town. Amen to that."


"Sublime. Brimming with warmth and energy that make it irresistible. Superb stuff!"


: "Joy in music-making bursts out of the speakers. What makes Melrose Quartet extraordinary is their ensemble singing - the virtuosity and musicianship in these four voices combined is something to behold. Nancy Kerr has to be one of the finest songwriters in English folk. Instrumental dances are full of vim and vigour… an excellent record."


"Exquisite vocal harmonies. 'Dominion of the Sword' is a tour-de-force and an instant favourite. 9/10."


"a delightfully eclectic mix of material - the way people used to make albums back in the 70s. If you haven't heard them you should remedy that oversight as soon as possible. Melrose Quartet could play Dominion from start to finish in a folk club and you'd go home knowing that you'd had a good night out. I don't think that you could ask for much more than that."


"Stunning… an album with real breadth, depth, heart and soul. The tightness and complexity of the a capella harmonies is breath-taking. Dominion has the feel of an intimate, live Melrose Quartet performance… an album which absolutely delivers."


"Pure majesty."


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Catalogue number MQCD03
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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Mariah's Gone 03:29
2. Dominion Of The Sword 04:20
3. A Generous Man/Carthy's March 04:50
4. Hand Me Down 03:37
5. 'Ware Out Mother 03:38
6. Anthem Of A Working Mum 02:54
7. Low Quebec 03:16
8. Seeds Of Love 03:12
9. Rise No More 03:17
10. Davy Cross 03:56
11. Gallery/Venus 03:26
12. Good Intentions 02:12
13. Rosslyn Castle 04:05
14. Raise Your Voice 02:48