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June 2, 2017

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Saxophonist Fabian Rucker, pianist Philipp Nykrin and percussionist Andreas Lettner developed early in their partnership a healthy skepticism against genre definitions which were too narrow and rigid. Musically socialized from listening to everyone from Igor Stravinsky to Thelonious Monk, Aphex Twin to Arvo Pärt or Bob Dylan and J Dilla, they looked on at a musical landscape whose definitions, divisions and subcategories seemed increasingly absurd: "New Wave of New Wave" or "Nintendocore", just to name a few.

The question, "What should music be in order to be simply music?" and the need not to be limited by formal boundaries and genres, led to the founding of Namby Pamby Boy: "We just wanted to make a music that we had not yet heard. "

Although the vocals alone reveal their background in the vastness of jazz, which is also confirmed in the finished art of the powerful groovy improvisations, Namby Pamby Boy once defined as "the first indie band with a mission to broaden their audience", whose music is characterized through the daily adventures of the fictional alter ego "Namby Pamby Boy", the personification of a mummy's boy.

At festivals such as CullyJazz, Waves Vienna and Popfest Wien, the three musicians have attracted attention in clubs such as the Opus Jazz Club (Budapest), Porgy & Bess (Vienna), Nexus Kunsthaus (Saalfelden) but also away from the classical jazz venues which has given them a fan base in the dance scene

Their third album, Namby Pamby Boy, was presented in April 2016 at a sold-out concert at the Konzerthaus in Vienna, and appears on the London-based Babel label. It is by now internationally renowned for contemporary jazz and improvised music, based around the impetus of Oliver Weindling whose similar search has brought him to a new terrain, away from the usual releases which focus mainly on the scene in the UK.

Theirs is a new vibrant scene from Vienna, which has taken the baton which has passed from Joe Zawinul via the Vienna Art Orchestra and moved it forwards to 2017. They are soul mates with the likes of bassist Lukas Kranzlbinder, trumpeter Mario Rom, Kompost3 and more. It's an Austrian circle of musicians which has been moving outwards beyond their borders, such as pianists David Helbock, who has just recorded his first trio album for ACT and Elias Stemeseder who is now a stalwart of the bands of Jim Black.

Although the first album of this formation was released in 2011, the three musicians can look back on many years of artistic collaboration. When still students Fabian Rucker, Philipp Nykrin and Andreas Lettner already participated in a variety of projects together, which include not only jazz formations (such as Philipp Nykrin's Wire Resistance), but also collaborations with hip hop artists such as Fiva, TEXTA or Ty, Pop productions such as Lylit, Julian Le Play and Violetta Parisini, or major line-ups such as SKInvitational and the big band of Volksoper Vienna. This stylistic openness and sophistication has made them amongst the most sought-after musicians of their generation, best shown together as the genre-breaking band Namby Pamby Boy.
Fabian Rucker

Fabian Rucker not only voices the character of Namby Pamby Boy, but also accompanies and narrates the adventure of the title hero with his exalted saxophone. Like the front man of a punk band, he also cares for the charmingly cheeky, irresistible attitudes that all shy Namby Pamby Boys would want secretly in the world.

His work as a musician and producer includes collaborations with national and international artists such as Bobby Previte, Charlie Hunter, Christian Muthspiel, mathias rüegg, Thomas Gansch as well as Paul Gulda and not least the legendary Austrian musician Harry Sokal.
Philipp Nykrin

On Rhodes, Seaboard and other synthesizers of all kinds, Philipp Nykrin provides the harmonic-melodic framework, on which Fabian Rucker can develop his solo pyrotechnics. Whether by creating rhythmically shifted-pulsating grooves or deeply sad melodies, Philipp Nykrin gives the individual episodes sets the mood from the off and adds a voice not just to the first, but occasionally the second thoughts of the Namby Pamby Boy.

Philipp Nykrin is known for his flexibility and unmistakable sound language, not only on electronic but also on acoustic keys. Above all, he seems able to bring together seeming opposites, as he was able to show with a solo program or the formation of Philipp Nykrin's Wire Resistance. As a sideman and producer, he has already worked with Fiva, Lorenz Raab, PHANDA and Julian LePlay, as well as being the musical centre of several piano trios.

Andreas Lettner
With Namby Pamby Boy, he demonstrates a rhythmically diverse foundation for the harmonious and melodic sound scaffolding that his colleagues create. He seems always to be keeping an eye on the overview and the organically grown sound - whether on acoustic drums or electronic samples.
As one of the most versatile and versatile drummers in Austria, he has made a name for himself not only as a musician, but also as a producer. His previous artistic projects include collaborations with artists such as Lylit, The Flow, ROBB, Julian LePlay, Violetta Parisini and Paul Gulda.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Me And What Army -
2. All Convictions Aside -
3. Status_Offline -
4. Single Nambies -
5. Cronuts -
6. Kaisermelange -
7. John Wayne -
8. Hero -
9. Remembrance And Surrender -
10. Stadtpark -