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December 9, 2016

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No Favorites pays homage to one of the most original creators in improvised music, Lawrence "Butch" Morris (1947-2013), inventor of Conduction, a method for organizing large-ensemble improvisation that he took to the world.

The program represents a working relationship that Rova began with Morris in 1988 and also reflects parallel working processes reaching back to the mid-1970s.

Rova do more than simply pay tribute. The quartet's members build on their own work in structured improvisation, incorporate other methods of organization - from graphic scores to conventional notation - and expand their palette from the saxophone quartet to include a string quartet and an electric power trio.

Extending the possibilities of large-ensemble improvisation, the combined groups create music of both depth and an ever changing surface, the fruit of both intense commitment and a highly creative, heterodox methodology. Like previous Rova expansions, it achieves complex music that both requires and rewards active listening. 

Each of the three extended pieces here includes a high degree of improvisation while embodying different compositional principles, the first and third (Nothing Stopped / But a Future and Contours of the Glass Head) employing conduction, the second graphic notation and simultaneity. 

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Lawrence Ochs - Nothing Stopped / But A Future -
2. Steve Adams/jon Raskin - The Double Negative -
3. Raskin/adams/ackley/ochs - Contours Of The Glass Head -