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Orange Blossom

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World Music, Middle East
ECC Records
March 16, 2015

Format: Vinyl (LP)



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"In a world full of throwaway digital downloads and slews of singles ECC100 puts out albums designed to allow music fans to stop, sit and listen to the music, just as the artists intended."

This glorious rush of European electro beats, West African polyrhythms, Arabic and Middle Eastern melodies and all out rock captures Orange Blossom at its best. Originally released in 2005 it is still just as relevant, joyous and heart stirring. A testament to the timelessness of this cross-cultural gem.

Orange Blossom hail from France, and are a band that play a mix of electronic and world music. Originally formed in Nantes when Mexican drummer Carlos met a "cold wave" singer named JC, and PJ a classical violinist who had crossed over to the dark side and played punk rock music. By 1997 the band were ready to release their first, self-produced album - the self-titled, Orange Blossom. The album was released on the Prikosnovenie label - and sold a very impressive, 15,000 copies.

Soon after that they started to meet and collaborate with other artists from further afield - who dramatically changed, and broadened their sphere of influence. Singer Leila joined adding enchanting vocals to the mix, along with uber percussionist Mathias. They started jamming with bands like Yelemba D'Abidjan, and the Egyptian group, Ganoub. After an extended period of touring throughout Europe and Egypt the band were ready to record their second album and Everything Must Change originally released on the Bonsai label in 2005.

Everything Must Change will be the second vinyl release by ECC100 ? and like the label's debut release by world renowned sitar player, Sheema Mukherjee ? Orange Blossom draw influence from varying genres, cultures, rhythms, and melodies from around the world. The companion USB card includes the album tracks from the record plus tracks Bendimina (My Heart is Aching) and Ayoub, alongside album notes, artwork and pictures.

In the cold start to 2015, Everything Must Change glows with all the heat and romance of an exotic holiday without the inconvenience of leaving home, it is the quintessential desert island disc. If you missed it the first time around, make sure you don't get left behind this time.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Maldito (Cursed) -
2. Habibi (My Darling) -
3. Cheft El Khof (I've Seen Fear) -
4. Desert Dub -
5. Blama -
6. Yazaman (A Long Time Ago) -
7. Denya (Life) -
8. Nafsi (My Soul) -
9. Souffrance -
10. Bendimina -
11. Ayoub -