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Folk, Singer Songwriter
February 5, 2016

Format: Compact Disc



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Pete Morton has made 14 albums and most, except for the last three, are no longer available. As a songwriter Pete keeps being asked for songs from his back catalogue so the idea behind this CD is to provide a collection of his most requested songs.

It is the usual mixture of Pete Morton themes: social comment, political stance, reflections on the human condition, in fact, reflections on the Game Of Life for which Pete is well known. He is joined on this album by the Chester-based band, Full House. Pete and the band have known each other for more years than they care to remember, but this is the first time they've worked together. As a reviewer in ED&S magazine wrote "you should never waste the opportunity to hear this mesmeric performer" and that is excellent advice!

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Catalogue number FECD271
Barcode 5017116027123
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Packaging type Digipak
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Weight 48g
Dimensions (LxWxH) 142mm x 5mm x 125mm

Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-01 Another Train -
2. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-02 Shepherd's Song -
3. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-03 Disobedience -
4. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-04 Related To Me -
5. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-05 Shores Of Italy -
6. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-06 The Luckiest Man -
7. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-07 Corruption Country -
8. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-08 Bigger Than Life -
9. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-09 Battle Of Trafalgar -
10. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-10 Further -
11. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-11 Listening To My Boots -
12. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-12 Two Borthers -
13. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-13 Sock On The Line -
14. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-14 When We Sing Together -
15. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/5/50/501/5017116027123/5017116027123-01-15 Seven Billion Eccentrics -