Nine Decades Vol. 5 Ghanashya

Ravi Shankar

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World Music
East Meets West
August 11, 2017

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Nine Decades Vol. 5 is a special re-mastered recording of the music-theater piece entitled, Ghanashyam: A Broken Branch. Created out of his deep concern over the a cultural preoccupation with drugs as an easy escape from the sadhana found in disciplined hard work, Ravi Shankar wrote this outstanding piece of music in the folk tale tradition. It is an examination of the forces that can dilute the world-changing potential of the artist. Originally released on CD in the early 1990s at a truncated 60 minutes, East Meets West has re-mastered the original reels and restored a full twenty more minutes to the music, making this recording a more faithful to the audio that accompanied the original theater production.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Ghanashyam Introduction And Overture -
2. Temple Scene And Dance Practice -
3. Holi Color Festival Song -
4. Festival Preparations -
5. Harahara Shankara Drug Pushers (temptation) -
6. Monsoon And Rain -
7. Sadness And Intoxication -
8. Spring -
9. Drugs Hallucinations The Divine -
10. Demons And Struggle -
11. Love Song(Ashtapati Of Jayadeva -
12. Dishonesty Chase Death -
13. Shadows And Loss -
14. Pining Dream Illusion -
15. Fun Possessed -
16. Exorcism Death Spirit Escape -
17. Shadows And Loss Reprise -
18. Another Day Life Goes On -