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Sammy Davis Jr

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20 Track - "Very Best Of" Compilation

Sammy Davis Jr. was one of most versatile and talented performers of his generation - a singer with an incredible range as well as an actor, comedian and dancer - he was always the consummate showman. His incredible career was formally recognised in 2001 when he was posthumously awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Unfairly overshadowed during his lifetime by the likes of his great friends Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, his extensive recording legacy nevertheless bears testament to his extraordinary talent. However, since the huge success of the movie 'Ocean's Eleven' and its sequel, 'Ocean's Twelve', interest in The Rat Pack and the great song stylists of the Fifties and Sixties has been rekindled, with two major British TV documentaries about his life further fuelling this spectacular revival.

One of Sammy Davis Jr.'s biggest hit singles, "I've Gotta Be Me" is featured in the spectacular year-long advertising campaign for Sky Q - the next generation home entertainment system. It is the lead track in this new 20-song career-spanning CD and download collection.

"I've Gotta Be Me - The Very Best of Sammy Davis Jr." is a definitive and unique collection of highlights from the singer's stellar 30-year recording career and features all his big hits, making it the only such compilation currently available featuring his original studio recordings, all newly-remastered.

As well as the title track, the hits include "What Kind of Fool Am I?", "Don't Blame The Children", "Something's Gotta Give" and "The Candy Man", his massive number one hit from 1972. Also included are his two hit collaborations with fellow Rat Packers Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, "Sam's Song" and "Me And My Shadow".

Over forty years after its original release, "I've Gotta Be Me" has returned to the UK's Official Charts as a single download and has topped the Shazam Chart for Sky Q. It is now delighting a whole new generation of listeners hearing Sammy Davis Jr.'s music for the first time.

"Sammy Davis can do everything bar cook spaghetti!" - Frank Sinatra

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-01 I've Gotta Be Me (02:55) -
2. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-02 The Candy Man (03:08) -
3. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-03 What Kind Of Fool Am I ? (03:22) -
4. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-04 Sam's Song (feat Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin) (02:40) -
5. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-05 I've Got You Under My Skin (02:22) -
6. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-06 The People Tree (02:28) -
7. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-07 Lonely Is The Name (03:10) -
8. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-08 Mr Bojangles (05:45) -
9. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-09 Don't Blame The Children (03:29) -
10. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-10 Chico And The Man (02:38) -
11. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-11 The Goin's Great (02:27) -
12. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-12 This Guy's In Love With You (03:25) -
13. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-13 The Impossible Dream (02:39) -
14. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-14 Me And My Shadow (feat Frank Sinatra) (03:08) -
15. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-15 Something's Gotta Give (02:03) -
16. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-16 Hey There (02:47) -
17. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-17 That Old Black Magic (03:15) -
18. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-18 The Birth Of The Blues (03:16) -
19. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-19 Love Me Or Leave Me (02:58) -
20. http://media.properweb.co.uk/samples/0/08/080/0803415730421/0803415730421-01-20 My Way (03:16) -