Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid

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Folk, Singer Songwriter
Waterbug Records
February 2, 2015

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'Walking Into White' is the fourth solo album from Sarah McQuaid. To record it, she travelled from her adopted home in Cornwall, England, to the small town of Cornwall, New York, USA, in order to work with co-producers Jeremy Backofen (Frightened Rabbit, Felice Brothers) and Sarah's cousin Adam Pierce (Mice Parade, Tom Brosseau, Múm).

Coming from outside the folk world and having never worked with Sarah before, Adam and Jeremy found and nurtured the raw edge and intensity that have always been present in her live performances, while their occasionally unorthodox recording methods (a mini-cassette recorder mounted on a microphone stand, for example) bring out a striking intimacy and immediacy in both her vocals and her guitar sound. Recorded and mixed in just under three weeks, Walking Into White is by far the most personal and emotional album Sarah has made to date.

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-01 Low Winter Sun 02:52
2. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-02 Where The Wind Decides To Blow 02:09
3. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-03 The Tide 02:53
4. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-04 I Am Grateful For What I Have 02:30
5. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-05 Sweetness And Pain I 00:47
6. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-06 Walking Into White 03:09
7. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-07 Jackdaws Rising 02:51
8. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-08 Yellowstone 03:41
9. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-09 The Silver Lining 02:13
10. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-10 Sweetness And Pain II 00:45
11. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-11 Leave It For Another Day 03:35
12. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-12 Sweetness And Pain III 00:44
13. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-13 Canticle Of The Sun (All Creatures Of Our God And King) 02:37
14. http://www.images.properonline.co.uk/Samples/0/07/075/0753114011928/0753114011928-01-14 The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 04:01