Music Around the Bauhaus - Wolpe, Hauer, Vogel & Antheil

Stefan Schleiermacher

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This extraordinary CD sheds light on a phase in German cultural history never before documented with such encyclopedic depth. Here the pianist Steffen
Schleiermacher, the recipeint of various ECHO Classics prizes for his interpretations of twentieth century music, presents music by elected composers from the Bauhaus movement.

This journey back to the 1920s is a gripping experience not only because of its compositional rarities but also because of Steffen Schleiermacher's
magic touch. This pianist, director of the Ensemble Avantgarde, and important advocate of contemporary music made the critics almost speechless with
astonishment with his lauded John Cage series:

"... a truly outstanding and fascinating musician." - (Gramophone)

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Disc 1

Track Listing — Disc 1

Song Title Time
1. Stehende Musik -
2. Cinq Marches Caracteristiques: Energico Ed Animato -
3. Cinq Marches Caracteristiques: Andante Tranguillamente -
4. Cinq Marches Caracteristiques: Con Fuoco Ed Energia -
5. Cinq Marches Caracteristiques: Marcia Funebre -
6. Cinq Marches Caracteristiques: Vivo E Sereno -
7. Adagio No.5 -
8. Var -
9. Tango -
10. Nomos, Op.2: I -
11. Nomos, Op.2: II -
12. Nomos, Op.2: III -
13. Nomos, Op.2: IV -
14. Nomos, Op.2: V -
15. Tanz, Op.10 -
16. Phantasie, Op.17 -
17. Zwolftonspiel Weilnachten -
18. Nature Vivant-Six Pieces Expressionnistes: Strophe D'Album -
19. Nature Vivant-Six Pieces Expressionnistes: Prld Gris -
20. Nature Vivant-Six Pieces Expressionnistes: Nettement Desagreable -
21. Nature Vivant-Six Pieces Expressionnistes: Morceau Poetique -
22. Nature Vivant-Six Pieces Expressionnistes: Lasse Et Plaintif -
23. Nature Vivant-Six Pieces Expressionnistes: Joyeux -
24. Einsames Getropfel -
25. Sonatina 'Death Of Machines': I. Moderato/II. Accelerando/III. Accelerando/IV. Accelerando/Tempo I -
26. Shimmy -
27. Marsch Alexander Des Grossen Uber Die Brucken Von Hamburg -